Seagull DF-1ETM Review: DSLR Filming Experience


First, foreword.

I believe many of my friends would have a camera at home to record their lives. I also have one. When I was in elementary school, my Dad took me to the rice fields to take pictures. My father took many photos using the DSLR, and among them there are many pictures about rime. And today I want to introduce this camera, DF-1ETM, which accompanied me with my childhood and recorded my life.

I heard the story of this camera from my grandfather. Grandpa said that when my mother had just gave birth to me (in 1991) and I hadn’t been one month-year-old yet, my dad went to buy a camera secretly and spent more than four hundred. That made my mum so angry that she always thought of it . The story made me so happy and I felt my dad was so cool at that time. However, it really accompanied my dad for nearly three decades.

Seagull DF-1ETM Review: DSLR Filming Experience

Like my dad, I also like to take pictures, but I could not do very well on it. Having not understood the digital camera yet ,I started to turn to the film one. There are two main reasons for me to play film. The first point is that I like the appearance of the old camera and its heavy metal feel. The second is the color of the film, which cannot be made from the digital camera.

After taking over the camera from my father, I bought the Fujifilm C200 film and installed the battery, but I found that the metering had been broken. My dad didn’t repair it after trying again and again. Then he gave up directly and told me to play it. I took my dad’s former treasure and thought that I wouldn’t sell it anyway. After I had my own home, I would put it up as a decoration, telling my child about his grandfather’s story.

I have told so much yet, now let’s begin my sharing.

By the way, I will not introduce the history of the brand of Seagull. In my heart it is greater than Canon, Nikon and Leica.

Second, the appearance

It is quite beautiful! In fact, I just like the metal feel and appearance of it.

Seagull DF-1ETM Review: DSLR Filming Experience

On the right, there are the counter, shutter, shutter speed, and iso adjustment button. The maximum shutter speed is 11,000 seconds which is just enough. The shutter speed and the sensitivity of the film are the same knob. To adjust the sensitivity, you have to lift the dial and then adjust it. However, this machine uses a din rather than iso. Generally speaking, on the packaging of the film there will be a value of din. This is actually used for a metering system, but the machine’s metering is hard to use, so it is unnecessary.

Seagull DF-1ETM Review: DSLR Filming Experience

On the left there are the switch and the shutter, and the switch is the photometric switch. When you take a film, lift your hand and roll it in the direction until there is no resistance, don’t lift it at this time. The picture above is wrong.

Seagull DF-1ETM Review: DSLR Filming Experience

On the back, there are the viewfinder, battery compartment and film bin. One screw was lost. My dad lost it when he was playing and trying to disassemble it. By the way, my dad can also repair watches and household appliances.

Seagull DF-1ETM Review: DSLR Filming Experience

The front is used to self-timing, and it doesn’t work so well.

Seagull DF-1ETM Review: DSLR Filming Experience

The bayonet is a Minolta MD bayonet. There are many of them in the market. It is also relatively cheap. The figure above shows that the reflector glass is scratched, but it does not affect the usage.

There is a button at the bottom, and you can rewind it by clicking at it. There is also a position to fix tripod.

Seagull DF-1ETM Review: DSLR Filming Experience

Of course there is also a line of words: SHANGHAI CHINA, which shows it is a purely Chinese production.

Seagull DF-1ETM Review: DSLR Filming Experience

As shown in the above picture, opening the film bin is to raise it. It can be seen that the shutter is draped. The film bin is relatively clean.When you put on the film, you have to insert the head of it into it. I’ve already done this and removed the film, so I don’t show the loading process.When opening the B door, you can see the shutter opening.

Seagull DF-1ETM Review: DSLR Filming Experience

This machine is equipped with the 58 2.0 lens, Minolta MD bayonet. During the use I found a problem, that is, there is oil on the aperture blade; I do not know whether it is leaking or my dad deliberately smear oil on it. When the aperture is closed, the operation is not smooth and is a bit sticky. One day I was not busy. I took it apart and wiped the blades of the aperture but I found I could not fix it. Because there was a screw that shouldn’t be removed, it couldn’t be installed. At last, I could only completely dismantle it. It took me lots of effort, and it was fortunate that I installed it at last. Then I found that infinity was not right, the focus was wrong, which was a severe problem. And I gave up. What I can do is to save it.

After so many years, the camera bag is still complete.

Third, the shooting process and samples

For my first time to take a film picture, there is no metering, I could only guess. Every time before shooting, I have to think about it for a long time. It is unlike a digital camera whenever you want you can use it taking pictures. After all, the number of shots is limited. I bought a roll of the cheapest color negative film, Fujifilm C200. I used it just for a try. And I only use this machine to take a roll of pictures because it was not convenient for metering, and the lens was also disassembled by me and I could only buy a new one. The sound of shutter was really loud, and if you are used to it, I felt that the shutters of Alabama and Pentax’s film machines were seemingly broken.

Seagull DF-1ETM Review: DSLR Filming Experience

The photos of street lights in the countryside were casually taken and the colors are not normal.

Seagull DF-1ETM Review: DSLR Filming Experience

This is taken at night, and later I learned that there is mobile phone metering software on mobile phone. Using the software parameters, I feel pretty good.

Seagull DF-1ETM Review: DSLR Filming Experience

The photos above were issued in chronological order. When I returned home during the New Year, I took over this camera. And when I returned work after the year, I experienced several security checks in the airport, rail station and bus stations. The colors were abnormal maybe because of security. I want to buy a shielding bag in the next time. The photos were also taken at the case that the lens being damaged by me and the aperture blade were oil. I have packed up this camera, and I planned to buy a camera for play, a secondhand goods market online.

Forth, Conclusion

This camera accompanied with me during my childhood. As I said before, anyway, I will keep the machine because it is the treasure of my father and it is also the memory of my childhood.

Modern people’s impression of Seagull may come from the watch, but my impression is this camera. Although there is a gap between it and the workmanship of Germany and Japan, but it is really a SLR camera that ordinary people can buy at the time.

Well, the share at this time is over.



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