Skincare for Men: How to Get Rid of Acne and Pimples


I have acne and pimpls since on my face and back for almost 3 years. A lot of men have this problem and are prone to have oily skin or sensitive skin. This is a common problem of all acne skin. Therefore, the main effect of buying skincare products is to have moist skin and oil treatment. One thing needs to be emphasized is that I don’t think men should only use skincare products that saying “For Men” because there are really few products only for men on the market. Here are some skincare products that i am using, and some products that I will use in the future will be introduced.

From left to right:

Skincare for Men: How to Get Rid of  Acne and Pimples

ZA Deep Cleansing Foam-Free Facial Cleanser:

I cannot find this brand in my country. It is no bubbling but mild. As for cleaning ability, it is better than Arden (in the left third), but its moisture is not as good as latter, if you ask the reason, maybe the cheap price is the answer, in general,I will not buy it again.

Estee Lauder Pomegranate Cleansing:

The famous red pomegranate,it has been introduced on the Internet for a long time, its cleaning effect is indeed good, using it to do the mask,  you can see the change clearly. The bubble is very rich; I will continue to buy it in the future.

Arden powder (2 in 1 sensitive skin):

the function is similar to ZA, but i will continue to buy it because it is suitable for morning using, after all, the main purpose of the morning is to moisturize rather than clean.

Japan ROSETTE limited medicinal acne skin cleansing cream:

This is looking like a girl’s product because it is a pink cat pattern,but in fact it is a limited edition, ordinary without this pattern. The inside is a paste and i do not have any obvious feeling. Now it is used to wash my hands.

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Salicylic Acid Oil-Less Acne Cleansing Gel:

It is a kind of gel, the pump can squeeze just once. It is also have a lot of delicate bubbles, the face will be brighter after washing, i think it has outstanding cleaning ability. If I have opportunities, I will continue to buy it.

Nightingale powder:

This is famous bird droppings, really stinky, it mixed with the face cream inside to wash face, I did not see the effect clearly, because of this smell I will not buy it again.

Kier’s Blue Herbal Cleanser:

I call him water because it is really smooth, but it can bring out a lot of bubbles, and it won’t be too tight,maybe i will continue to buy.

No matter how good the facial cleanser is, you still need a good facial cleanser, just like an electric facebrush. If you can wash your face correctly, you don’t have to wash your face by it,but most people wash face in the wrong way. As to why clarisonic is used by me, i like to use high-speed vibration, it can be totally clean, and will not pull the skin and add wrinkles.

Skincare for Men: How to Get Rid of  Acne and Pimples

Clarisonic mia 2

It’s a product of the clarisonic family with a small head for the face. The brush head is divided into several types according to the degree of softness and hardness of the bristles. The above picture is acne brush head.

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