Sweden-China Business Leaders’ Roundtable Held in JUMORE

Sweden-China Business Leaders’ Roundtable Held in JUMORE
2017 Annual Meeting of New Champions, also known as Summer Davos, dubbed as the indicator of world economy, was officially opened on June 27th. More than 2000 leaders of all circles from more than 80 countries carried out discussions revolving around the theme of “Achieving Inclusive Growth in the 4th Industrial Revolution”. At the same time, Sweden-China Business Leaders’ Roundtable, co-hosted by Embassy of Sweden in China and JUMORE, was held in JUMORE Beijing Office. Swedish government and business delegation, led by Ms. Karolina Skog, Minister for the Environment and Energy and some 70 Chinese delegates, including representatives from relevant ministries and committes, companies and scholars had hot discussions on all dimensional cooperation on clean energy, innovative technologies, and Belt & Road infrastructure construction.
Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Lövfen led a Swedish business delegation of the largest scale ever in history, known as “National Team of Sweden” to attend WEF 2017. Ms. Karolina Skog, Swedish Minister for the Environment and Energy, is accompanying the delegation for a three-day visit to China. She also led the business delegation of Sweden to visit Cross-Border E-Commerce JUMORE. The focus of Sweden on JUMORE shows its focus on Chinese market and investment, and also its strong confidence in the development of China’s cross-border e-commerce.
Ms. Karolina Skog mentioned that, green development is a key feature of Sweden. Sweden has always believed that only economic development features cleanness and greenness is real sustainable development. Ms. Skog admitted frankly that Sweden is now facing the challenges of climate change, digitalization, and population aging, which are both challenges and opportunities. She believes that global warming is encouraging the application of clean energy and technologies, thus realizing the upgrading and transformation of industries and their sustainable development; the era of digitalization boosts the development of outstanding companies like JUMORE, which can help countries to connect with each other through e-commerce means. In the meantime, Ms. Karolina Skog wishes that through the forum, Chinese and Swedish companies can enhance their cooperation and connection in infrastructure construction, clean energy, and sustainable development.
When being interviewed, Ms. Karolina Skog also mentioned that Sweden attaches great importance to the B&R Initiative proposed by China. The B&R Initiative greatly promotes the cooperation between China and Sweden and even that between China and Europe, while the innovative technologies of Sweden will also bring sustainable solutions to the development of B&R and thus help all countries to realize their sustainable development.
JUMORE, as an E4B cross-border e-commerce platform, also focuses on the sustainable economic development. While offering great support to development of the green industries, clean energy, and high-tech industries of all countries, JUMORE also wishes to take advantage of such a forum and help enhance the cooperation between Chinese and Swedish companies, to share the experience in sustainable development, to jointly face the serious challenges, and to realize mutual benefits of “sustainable development” in a wider range and at a deeper level.
In his speech, JUMORE Chairman Lu Hongxiang introduced in detail the JUMORE platform, its online and offline complex projects, and roles the platform can play in China-Sweden cooperation. The proposal made by Lu Hongxiang to integrate authoritative third-party institutions around the world for the construction of a secure e-commerce platform and thus guarantee the safety of quality, capital, and logistics has received widespread praise and recognition from Chinese and Swedish companies attending the event. Swedish delegates all expressed their strong will to start cooperation with JUMORE, and wished to share the benefits from the rapid development of e-commerce through their cooperation with JUMORE, and therefore comprehensively participate in the construction of Belt & Road.
Sweden is a major part of “Maritime Silk Road”. As early as 1000 years ago, Chinese merchants have already set feet on Sweden. Now, 600 Swedish companies are conducting business operation in China, while more than 10,000 ones have business connection with China. As a country known for its innovation, Sweden is always leading the world in innovation. Being one of the countries in the world boasting the most largest number of innovation achievements and patents, Sweden also has advanced technologies and mature experience in various fields, such as clean energy, recycling economy, intelligent and green transportation system, and construction of intelligent city, which are good examples for China. China, while accelerating its construction of an innovative country, also hopes to seamlessly connect the “13th Five-Year Plan”, Strategy of Innovation-Driven Development , and “Made-in-China 2025” to the “Intelligent Industry” Strategy of Sweden, so as to integrate the innovative technologies and experience in sustainable development of Sweden with the strong manufacturing capabilities of China, thus help Chinese economy to realize sustainable and healthy development. Realizing such cooperation between China and Sweden via e-commerce would undoubtedly be the most direct and most effective means.
In specific, through cooperation with JUMORE, advanced technologies and innovative resources of Sweden can be integrated with the capitals and industry chain advantages of China, and then help the two parties to conduct multi-level cooperation in clean energy technologies and green city construction. Meanwhile, as a cross-border e-commerce company that is globally orientated, runs on all types ofproducts, and covers the whole industry chain, JUMORE has established cooperation with more than 150 countries, including the B&R countries, which can share its enormous amount of global resources with Sweden to further improve the innovation capability of Sweden, and even realize all-dimensional cooperation with Sweden in finance, infrastructures, and agricultural technologies, therefore grasp the business opportunities brought by the construction of B&R.
It is evident that the B&R Initiative has a clear and positive prospect. The construction of connectivity has a huge impact on the world economy, and cooperation between Sweden and JUMORE will bring the two parties more opportunities in the global cooperation, and nurture more resources for B&R cooperation.
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