Sweden and JUMORE Join Hands to Further Sino-Sweden Cooperation

Sweden and JUMORE Join Hands to Further Sino-Sweden Cooperation
Sweden is known as an innovative nation. It is one of countries in the world that possess the most innovations and patents, and ranks in the list of the world’s most creative countries for a long time, while China is accelerating the construction of an innovative country and striving to develop the strategic emerging industries to reform traditional industries by use of high and new technologies. Sweden’s innovative technologies in combination with China’s strong manufacturing capabilities will, on the one hand, better commercialize the innovative technologies, and on the other hand, help the traditional manufacturing industry to achieve rejuvenation. In order to quickly realize the transnational fusion of innovative technologies and strong manufacturing, the Swedish government has focused its sight on the cross-border e-commerce platforms.
On February 28th, Dr. Christer Ljungwall, science and technology counselor at the Swedish embassy in China made a visit to JUMORE and had a meeting with JUMORE Chairman Lu Hongxiang, reaching a lot of consensus on Sino-Sweden cross-border cooperation in the fields of innovative technology, Cloud Think Tank and smart industry, etc.
Sweden attaches great importance to the Chinese market, looking forward to cooperating with Chinese premium enterprises. The scientific innovation department under its embassy in China is a Sweden’s think tank institution established for China, which is responsible for in-depth exploration of the Chinese market to submit professional reports to the Swedish government as valuable reference for formulating its policies toward China. By means of JUMORE’s E4B model, the cooperation between Sweden and JUMORE will vigorously promote the interconnection between Sweden and China, helping Sweden’s high-quality projects and products to reach the huge Chinese market and even the global market. At the same time, JUMORE will also promote the export of Chinese goods that Sweden needs to the Swedish market, to achieve economic complementation. In addition, Sweden has well- developed industry and world-leading automobile manufacturing, telecommunications, bio-pharmaceuticals and other industries. Through mutual cooperation, JUMORE can introduce Sweden’s advanced technologies, innovations and services to provide support for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises on JUMORE platform, while Sweden’s innovation capacity could also be further stimulated by sharing other countries’ advanced technologies and services pooled on JUMORE platform.
During the meeting, Chairman Lu introduced to the Swedish side JUMORE’s E4B model, smart industry system, the important achievements of his recent visit to Kazakhstan and JUMORE’s core idea of “win-win cooperation”. He also emphasized the cooperation potential and complementarity of JUMORE and Sweden in terms of technology.
Dr. Christer Ljungwall expressed his appreciation for JUMORE’s achievements in Kazakhstan, and he said frankly that, although Sweden is a country with strong science and technology, it is deficient in natural resources and its economy depends largely on export trade. In Sweden, there are many high-tech small and micro businesses which really hope to enter the international market, but are faced with the difficulties of high cost, lack of customer resources and inappropriate business model, etc. So the counselor invited JUMORE to visit Sweden and organize roadshows in local area to acquaint Swedish companies with JUMORE’s E4B model. The counselor spoke highly of the E4B model and hoped to maintain long-lasting cooperation with JUMORE, especially with the Cloud R&D Center of JUMORE to achieve “co-creating and symbiosis”, not just “win-win”.
Moreover, representatives of the Swedish side were very interested in the smart-city projects and discussed a lot with JUMORE the environmental protection, public welfare and charity, and other issues related to corporate social responsibility.
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