The Assessment of Quinny Yezz’s Baby Strollers Hand-on Reviews


For a long time, I searched for information in order to get a stroller for my baby who could almost sit in it. At first, I decided on Aprika Magical Air from Japan in terms of its light weight, high seat and nice appearance. However, a friend who has already had it told me not to buy it because it did not fit thin baby. She said that her stroller had had over-turned 3 times, and the wheels weren’t smooth enough which were yet not small enough while folded up. Therefore, I gave it up.

Then I found YoYo, the strollers of which were not only good looking but also could be used for both sitting and lying. But I sooner realized that there were so many copies.

At that time, there wasn’t F2 launched in 2015 or I would choose it. F2 is lighter, good-looking and smaller while folded up. It has a high seat and is provided for sitting and lying. I am averagely satisfied with its storage space, and it is narrow enough to get into the subway. Subsequently, I heard that F2 could not suit for 5 years old babies or even older because babies would fall down when they were older resulted from the narrow seats.

To return to the subject, I found a fabulous baby stroller in Baidu after giving up YoYo. Then I got to know that it was Quinny Yezz. God, what a nice stroller! I was amazed at its outlook and immediately bought it on Taobao.

Nearly 4 weeks later, I received the stroller without paying the tax. It was around 1300 Yuan in 2014. I could not wait and assembled the stroller. When it was done, I couldn’t help thinking “Wow, it is such a cool stroller!” This baby stroller looks nicer than the photo.

Hammock single handle is designed. Two-step pedals are set. The little baby can step on the above pedal, and the older one step the below.

The Assessment of Quinny Yezz’s Baby Strollers Hand-on Reviews

The side is also designed well. There is a storage bag on the back.

The Assessment of Quinny Yezz’s Baby Strollers Hand-on Reviews

The button on the handle is used to unfold the stroller.

The Assessment of Quinny Yezz’s Baby Strollers Hand-on Reviews

The way of using treadle is to step down when you are going to unfold the stroller and lift up while folding it.

The Assessment of Quinny Yezz’s Baby Strollers Hand-on Reviews

In addition, it also has a small storage bag to store a bottle or towel in order to make up for the lack of space. I find it nice to put my baby into this stroller. It is light and easy to push. With three- wheeled design, it is convenient to make a turn. Nonetheless, it is yet weak in the design of the seat. The seat is just a piece of canvas, though tight, which is not enough for the waist. Also, the seat is a bit low resulting in the narrow vision of baby and bad air quality.

The Assessment of Quinny Yezz’s Baby Strollers Hand-on Reviews

Thus, I still used the heavy one for my daughter’s healthy before 1 year old. Only to the far place where I could just drive to I would take Yezz. After my daughter becoming older, I gradually used Yezz. As she grew up, the defects of Yezz disappeared and the merits showed up. Until now, it becomes a common usage which must be taken while going out, walking and traveling.

I have read the comments saying that Yezz could not be folded with a single hand. But why is that? I truly fold it with one hand pressing the button and foot lifting up the pedal. Pressing the button and stepping down the pedal, the stroller is unfolded. It is so convenient that Yezz is raised after closing it. (The picture shows the look of the folded Yezz, the size of which is compared to a hu la hoop.)

The Assessment of Quinny Yezz’s Baby Strollers Hand-on Reviews

Besides, there are people worrying that it will be cold in winter when babies sit in the strollers. Actually, it will not because the material of Yezz can keep out the wind. (The clothes are used to keep warm instead of strollers after all.)

Either, it does not need worry in summer. The material is actually cool, and my daughter said it was not hot.

When my daughter was more than 2 year’s old, it was still convenient to use Yezz.

The photo shows that my daughter was 92 cm and weighed 11kg.

Then my daughter was 3 when she loved to run, so the use of stroller became rare. Nevertheless, it has to be used under the following circumstances:

1 When I went out alone with my daughter, I had to make her in the stroller especially in the crowded place because she liked to stay in my arms but I could not..

2 When my daughter was sick, I had to take her to the nearby hospital. It was more convenient to use stroller than to drive or walk holding her in my arms.

3 When we were traveling especially walking in the other cities, the stroller was a fantastic tool for my daughter to have an afternoon nap. Moreover, the stroller was absolutely great while waiting for the plane and train.

My daughter was 99cm and 13kg in the picture.

The Assessment of Quinny Yezz’s Baby Strollers Hand-on Reviews

My daughter now is 4 years old and I still use the stroller the same as she was 3. What is amazing is that the stroller fits a four-year-old kid the same as a kid who is only 7, 8 months.

To sum up,


  1. Good-looking.

  2. Extended service life. Although it is officially said to be capable of being used for 36 months and afford 15kg, it actually can be used until 5 years old for a girl with averaged height and weight. And it is no problem to afford 20kg. It will be fine if it’s broken because the money pays back after 5 years.

  3. The greatest advantage is that the wheels are virtually smooth in comparison to other strollers.

  4. The good quality. The parts of folding did not wear. The lock is still tight. The wheels are smooth like before. Even there are not any scratches on the stroller. (My cousin has already ordered my stroller to use.)

  5. The stable three-wheel design. It is easy to push Yezz with a single hand. If the baby is asleep when going upstairs, the forward person just need to hold the front frame with one hand.

  6. Small when folded. It can be stored in the cabinet and luggage, which is perfect for the family which has small house or likes to travel.

  7. Among many strollers, my daughter loves Yezz because it is like a hammock. The hammock which can change the form is also the cause why older kid can sit in Yezz.


  1. No front gear, you have to wear a seat belt.

  2. Both sides of the brackets are wide, and the subway gate is just too narrow to push past.

  3. The storage space is insufficient, just a storage bag in the back which can only put thin coat, newspaper or magazine.

  4. You cannot adjust the angle. Babies cannot lay flat one it. To the small child, vertebra’s support is insufficient and does not avoid shock.

  5. The awning is small which can’t cover baby in front of the sun.

I think for this stroller, the older babies are, and the better you would feel. because the first four defects count nothing for the baby over a half and two years old.

  1. They can wear and open their seat belts on their own.

  2. They can walk when they got to the subway.

  3. Older kid could carry fewer things, which makes the storage less important.

  4. Older kid did not need laying so often, the same as the waist support and shock absorber.

In other words, if your baby is only a few months and you decide to buy only one stroller, Yezz is absolutely not a good choice.

If your baby is energetic, especially a boy, who does not need stroller after a half and two years old, Yezz is neither the best choice. It is more convenient for a family which has a heavy stroller already that can be used until 1 year old and the family whose baby is lazy to use the stroller until old age. If the parents love to travel, Yezz will be your best choice

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