The Ten Most Beautiful Island in China

The Ten Most Beautiful Island in China

Xisha Islands

Xisha Islands have many reefs, eight atolls, and 1 platform reef, one reef beach, the dry out atoll reef body area of 1836.4 square kilometers, including reef flat area of 221.6 square kilometers, the lagoon area of 1614.8 square kilometers. Atoll reef and platform reef on the development of the grey sand island are with a total of 28, moreover there is a high volcanic breccia island.

Xisha has a long stretch of continuous coral reefs. Sea plants and fishes of great variety live nearby and numerous sea birds inhabit the islands. In recent years, some tourists have started to discover the islands. With beautiful natural scenery and fresh air, Xisha Islands have many coconut trees.

The Ten Most Beautiful Island in China

Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island is in the south of Beibu gulf island, Guangxi Zhuang Minority Autonomous Region, the largest and the geological age of the youngest volcanic island in China. Weizhou Island is an island in the Beibu Gulf waters of the south, the tourists need to arrive in the Beihai city at first, and then go to Weizhou Island by boat. And going to Beihai generally tourists need to transfer from Nanning city.

Weizhou Island is a volcanic eruption of coagulation of islands, such as sea, the sea product and lava landscape, especially the southern part of the Marine volcano harbor has more features. The island in the north of Guangxi, facing the Leizhou Peninsula in the east, the southeast is adjacent to the setting sun island, south of Hainan Island across the sea, the west to Vietnam.

The Ten Most Beautiful Island in China

Nansha Islands

Nansha Islands are in the southern tip of China, is the largest reef island in the China south islands and the islands with the most widely spread of oval coral reefs. From north and south is 500 miles in length, 400 miles wide from east to west, water area of about 82 square kilometers, occupied two fifths of the traditional sea area of South China Sea. Surrounding countries in turn from the west, south, east is Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines. Nansha Islands consists of more than 550 islands, continents and reefs, sands, beaches, but just about one fifth is come out the sea.

Nansha Islands belongs to subtropical maritime monsoon climate, the monthly average temperature is between 25 to 29 degrees Celsius, and rainfall is abundant. The bushes on the island are prosperous with seabirds clustered, and have rich amphibian biology, aquatic product variety, are the largest tropical fish farms, Chinese Marine fisheries which have kelp plant of 155 species, more than 200 kinds of zooplankton, and 66 kinds of shells. Also there are a large number of mineral resources, oil and natural gas, iron, copper, manganese, phosphorus, etc. in the sea.

The Ten Most Beautiful Island in China

Penghu Islands

Penghu Islands located in the west of the island in the Taiwan Strait, is the earliest developmental place of Taiwan and is the generic terms of Taiwan Strait southeast of 64 islands. With a total area of 126.8641 square kilometers (49 square miles) it is a volcanic island, composed of basalt, ring with coral reefs.

The Magong port between Penghu Island, Baisha Island and Xiyu Island is a natural harbor. Because affected by the kuroshio stream (Japan), climate is warm and mild, annual average temperature is between 16 ~ 28 .More northeasters windy days in winter for half year and summer half year are southwesters. Annual rainfall of 1033 millimeters (41 inches), focused on the June to September. Agriculture is given priority to dry farming, residents more work on fishing. China’s Fujian, Zhejiang provinces fishermen settled here early. The island is the keytraffic post across the Taiwan Strait; therefore it is called “keys of the Taiwan strait”.

The Ten Most Beautiful Island in China

Nanji Island

Nanji Island is an island; therefore summer is the tourist season. May to September is the best time to travel there. If you come in November, the sea breeze blows on the island, which is not suitable for the tourists to play water in the sea, and the seafood is not in season.

Nanji Island is the first of five oceans type national nature reserves in the approval of the state council. It is located in Pingyang county, Zhejiang province, the Aojiang river estuary of east sea surface for 30 miles, 50 miles away from downtown. Nanji Island’s distribution is effected by erosion of the waves and tides, bedrock exposed, and formed a steep cliffs. Many islands shorelines are twists and turns, and there are many headlands and bays. Morphology mainly is marine erosion physiognomy, the marine accumulation geomorphic features is less developed.

The Ten Most Beautiful Island in China

Long Island Temple Island Archipelago

Long Island Temple Island Archipelago is located in the Liaodong peninsula and Shandong peninsula, known as the “sea Spirit Mountain”, is made up of 32 islands that is temple island archipelago, the unique blue sky, clear water, sunshine, beach, poetic and picturesque at the same time, each island has its own characteristic.

There are a lot small islands. Bird Island is the kingdom of birds; birds fly high into the sky which is spectacular. Big and small bamboo island named after bamboo, green bamboo, with the blue sky blue sea present beautiful scenery of regions south of the Yangtze River. The Small Black Island is kingdom of the snake, thrives on the island with more than ten thousand giant poisonous viper, and is China’s second largest snake island. Tuoji rocky island is the world of the stones, the stones there are colorful and the whole island under the background of stones presents a colorful world of the mural.

The Ten Most Beautiful Island in ChinaPutuo Mountain Island

Putuo Mountain Island located in the Lotus Ocean of Zhoushan Prefecture with an area of 12.32 square kilometers, manifest as Guanyin Bodhimanda, known as “Buddhist Fairyland on the sea” and is one of the four famous buddhist mountains in China, belongs to one of the national first batch of 44 national scenic spots.

This mountain once had 82 temples and 128 huts, which could serve 4,000 monk as well as nuns at its heyday. While you walk on the paths, you are likely to come across monks in kasaya. Buddhism in this sacred mountain has over 1,000 years history. Since this mountain is secluded and offering an evocative view of the ocean; it has long been regarded as the “pure land” in China. The average temperature of the whole year here is about 20 °C, making it a perfect place to learn about traditional Chinese culture as well as Buddhism. Also, you can see the bizarre rocks as well as queer cliffs everywhere. Along the line where the mountain connects with the sea, a lot of spectacular caves are very fascinating.

The Ten Most Beautiful Island in China

Dayushan Island

Fujian Dayushan Island is located in the northeast of Lake Kasumigaura, five miles of the Sansha ancient town port. The island, 7.7 kilometers from east to west and2.76 kilometers from north to south, has an area of 21.22 square kilometers and a coastline of 31.97 kilometers. The island has 36 bays large and small, and 20 hills of varying heights. The highest peak of the island is Hongjidong Hill, rising about 541.4 meters, is the largest island in eastern Fujian. The larger of the two, at 60 hectares, is big enough for sailing; the other is about a fifth this size. Fed by their own springs, the lakes never run dry and their clear waters are sweet-tasting. The surrounding hill slopes are quite gentle with occasional patches of reed plants. The green hills, blue waters and rocks together present a charming picture. There are tracts of grassland too, covering 600 hectares in total. These features give the island the name “magic island in the East China Sea.”

The Ten Most Beautiful Island in China

Linjin Island and Nanding Island

Overlooking from Xiangshan peninsula, Linjin Island and Nanding Island is like a pair of sisters spreading one by one in the sea.

Linjin Island is entirely composed of volcanic lava type basalt, one of the most famous volcano landscapes on the island is the crater of the volcano and the volcano tuyere group and ancient lava group. The exposure side of the island extends from the top to the bottom, piled up and many deposits of volcanic eruption tell us that the island is a volcanic was formed by eruption and accumulation of many times. On Linjin Island, the circular structure of the distribution of “tuyere” has highly ornamental value, distributes on the beach to the northeast of Linjin Island, as many as 16, is the world’s rare tuyere group.
Nanding Island is known as the world’s most massive, dense basalt stone group, the world similar landscape are the Taiwan Penghu islands nearby, separated by a sea from here and far Northern Ireland sea giant cape, the basalt columns is less than forty thousand, but basalt columns in here is dozens of times.

The Ten Most Beautiful Island in China

Hailing Island

Hailing Island is embraced in sea, known as clean water, sand and sea, the sea, seafood in China. Hailing Island is a subtropical marine climate, located in Yangjiang, Guangdong province. Hailing Island Provincial Tourism Resort is China’s famous island beach, long sunshine throughout the year, mild climate, rich vegetation cover, is an ideal place to travel on holiday. And Horsetail Bathing Beach covers an area of 17 square kilometers, with clear water, clean beaches, and beautiful environment and is the first rank among the tourist attractions of Guangdong province. The ten miles silver beach across one mountain is like a silver dragon lying in the Hailing Island, beach is 7.4 kilometers long, 60 to 250 meters wide, white sand and soft waves, clean water, is the rare bathing beach all over the world, all who visit here will be amazing for this.

The above are the top 10 islands in China. Some are with tropical sea and beach, and some with breeze and beautiful mountain.

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