Have you ever break a tooth while you are eating something? This is something that often happens to many people and it requires paying visit to your dentist in order to fix your tooth with dental filling. In fact scientists have discovered new way on how to replace tooth fillings used by dentists.

Scientists from King’s College London found that drugs used for treatment of Alzheimer’s actually can stimulate the re-development of stem cells in your oral pulp which helps you create new dentin in your teeth. This is the reason why dentist fillings are becoming obsolete because this drug can actually fix the teeth on its own.

Once your tooth suffers damage caused by infection or it breaks, your teeth actually grow a thin layer of dentin around the rupture in order to protect the internal tissue and secure the area. This layer is not enough to protect from deep breaks and rupture, which is the main reason why it is used artificial fillings. Also not always these artificial fillings work and as a result of that there is a possibility the root of the tooth to be infected and require replacement again and again. This might lead to death of your tooth and once it happens it requires removal.


Thanks to this newly found procedure you can make your tooth repair on its own. This process requires putting a little sponge made of naturally biodegradable collagen into the hole of the broken tooth. The collagen actually is the main base of Alzheimer’s disease drug which has the ability to inhibit the GSK-3 enzyme activity. As a result of this enzyme the formation of dentin is prevented, but the collagen sponge can actually prevent this action and stimulate the production of high amounts of dentin in order to fix the broken tooth and close it.

This procedure is considered as one of the best revolutionary discovery that will provide new way for future oral restoration of teeth. Even though this method has been tested only on mice it will require human trials, but scientists are extremely positive and optimistic that this procedure will help in treatment of broken teeth in order to regrow on its own. Once the GSK-3 inhibitor is allowed for human trials we can expect to get rid of the artificial fillings and dental procedures.