This Man Lost 70 Pounds and Now Looks Like A Disney Prince


Sharing the positive results of a rigorous health journey usually yields a good deal of positive feedback. 26-year-old Jeffrey Kendall got a whole lot of very specific Disney-related compliments when he shared pictures of his weight loss transformation a week ago.

Kendall’s mother, Liliana, had a brain aneurysm and remained in the intensive care unit and slipped into a coma twice. During that time, Kendall says he was in poor health, weighing 250 lbs. But he knew the time had come for him to stop making excuses, he says.

“Seeing her in the ICU for weeks with her head shaved and stitched up and tubes running all sorts of directions — it’s an experience I hope nobody has to go through. It put my sadness and self pity into perspective.”

“I spent a lot of nights laying in my bed and wallowing a bit and wondering what I could do or accomplish or how I could change myself. As mom was coming home from the rehab hospital, it was a feeling that I had to do something.”

He adds: “My friend, who was going through a breakup at the time, also wanted to get in shape. So he’s the one who got me out there. On our first days we sort of made an agreement to text each other and do pushups every day and live healthier lives. It’s become a pursuit of happiness and health for me. One day I was lying in bed and I wanted to be happy, and this is what makes me happy.”

He began altering his diet, going for walks, and exercising.

“People were really praising me. It motivated me so much to try. It made me put effort into my own appearance and it gave me a huge sense of accomplishment.”

He received so many Prince Adam compliments he’s tried his hand at cosplaying.

Kendall spends most of his time caring for his mother, who is now paralyzed on her left side. “She’s in a wheelchair and she doesn’t remember much. She is under 24-seven care, but she’s able to eat on her own and have a conversation. I can get her to laugh.”

“She always tells me how beautiful I am — though not sure how much has changed there.”

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