Top 10 Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls in Shaoxing China


After a long trip, or after working all day, It is necessary to find some place to wash away the journey tired, release the pressure of work, can also feel this more than 5000 years old traditional culture. Shaoxing (Chinese: 绍兴) is on the southern shore of Hangzhou Bay in eastern Zhejiang province. It is a small city in China with 8 million inhabitants totally.This city itself ranked at 32th nationally by GDP per capita.

Shaoxing has abundant tourism resources, including cultural relics and great mausoleum, and it is home for many famous figures in Chinese history, such as Lu Xun, Wang Xizhi and Zhou Enlai. As a result, Shaoxing is one of the most famous historical and cultural cities in the country. In addition, its natural scenery is also marvelous, as it is located to the south of the Yangtze Delta.

After a busy business trip in Shaoxing, it is necessary to find some place to wash away the journey tired, release the pressure of work, can also feel this more than 5000 years old traditional culture.


  1. Phebe Club

    Address:No. 435 East Shengli Road (胜利东路435号(绍兴皇冠假日酒店))

It is said that one of the best chain bar in China. It is targeted at middle class. The fashionable and avant-garde design concepts and magnificent luxury decoration is its iconic feature. The lighting, music, and fantasy stage are most advanced among bars in Shaoxing.

At Phebe Bar, you can dance with coolest MUSIC and watch the coolest SHOW. Experience the passion of the night in Shaoxing, a historical and international city.
Some people say: Music is the soul of the bar. Someone said: Beauty is the soul of the bar. But whether it is music or beauty, it’s just a factor in creating the atmosphere at a bar.m So, The atmosphere is the soul of the bar. Because the bar is not a service industry, but an entertainment industry. The bar does not sell wine but the atmosphere.
As long as you are a bar-goer, you will always know which bars have a good atmosphere and which have a bad atmosphere. And Phoebe is not one of the hottest nightclubs in Shaoxing with best atmosphere.

Make sure you come to Phebe early, because it is really popular every night!

2. Fairy Whisky&Cocktail

Address: Shaoxing Yuecheng District Di Dang Fan Yi Road (Opposite Shi Mao Zhou Huang 世贸粥皇),next to MAAN CAFE)
Tel: 13486114211
It should be the best tune-up bar in this small city. The boss is very handsome.

3. M+ Bar

Address: Didang District Lakeside Business Center Zone D, F1 NO. 114, 115, 116 (迪荡街道湖滨商业中心D区101号楼林肯公园之一层1F114、115、116号)

4. Queen Bar

Address: Mei Long Hu Road 80, Cai Zhi Building South 1st Floor (near Buckingham Palace) (梅龙湖路80号财智大厦南1楼(靠近白金汉宫))
Tel: 0575-85869898

5. V+ Bar

East Zhuluo Road No. 18 F1 (苎萝东路18号一楼(英王国际会所))
Tel: 0575-87899898

6. SOS Bar

Address: Qian Tao Road, World Trade Center, Yinghao InterContinental Residence, 1st Floor (钱陶公路世贸中心英豪洲际公馆1楼)

Tel: 0575-89963539 or 15167502292

SOS bar located near Wanda Plaza is very atmospheric, with spotlights shining and very fashionable. DJ’s voice is very powerful and powerful and great. This bar is pretty big, as it can accommodate hundreds of people. As for the drinks, it depends on you own preferences. It is not expensive anyway.

The girls are gorgeous, LOL.

7. Nian Lun Bar (年轮)

Address: Miao Jia Qiao No. 8 (缪家桥8号)

It is in the small alley opposite Shenyuan (沈园). It is also a cafe, actually.The environment and service both are great. The ligts inside are a bit dim, with the yellow light on the table creating a comfortable and private space. You can also hear the sound of flowing water outside the window. The young waitress are beautiful and gentle.

Osmanthus brewing is my favourite. Pretty sweet with osmanthus fragrance. Worth to try!

8. 798 club

Keqiao Lake Road No. 270 (Golden Capital Water Cube) (金都水立方)

The environment at this bar is very good. There are many beautiful girls and handsome men having fun there. Drinks is not expensive, fairly reasonable. I personally prefer cocktails.

9. Sensation Club

Address: People Road No. 1051 (人民东路1051号)
Tel: 0575-88033560


Address: Mingdu Street No. 11
Tel: 13858547886


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