Top 10 Business Cites in China


Top 10 Business Cites in China here has listed the 10 of the Top business cities in China as follows, each of them has an important statue in China which plays an important role in economy, policy, education, finance, marine and many aspects.
Top 10 Business Cites in China

Top 1 Shanghai

Shanghai , briefly called “Hu” or “Shen” in Chinese, the biggest city in China. Shanghai is economy, transport, science and technique, finance, trade, exhibition and shipping center in China. GDP of Shanghai is in the top of China. And it is a well-known international port. And now Shanghai is preparing to develop international finance, trade and shipping center of the world in 2020.

Shanghai International Auto Show is one of the biggest auto shows in Asia. And ChinaJoy in Shanghai is one of three interactive Entertainment Expos in the world. ChinaJoy is as same as E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) of U.S and Tokyo Game Show of Japan, which aims at games. It is held every year, and many game companies take part in.
Top 10 Business Cites in China

Top 2 Beijing

Beijing is the capital city of China, and center city of China. It is politic, cultural, scientific and educational center; it is famous ancient city and modern city in the world. Beijing is the location of central people’s government.

Beijing is one of four ancient cities in China, and it has 6 world-class heritages and it is the city which has the largest number of cultural relics in the world. Beijing is an ancient-old city with three thousands years.
Top 10 Business Cites in China

Top 3 Guangzhou

Guangzhou , also named Ram City, is the capital city of Guangdong province, a central city of China, famous port city in the world, and it is also an important finance, commerce, trade, transportation, exhibition, and shipping center. From Qi dynasty, Guangzhou is administration center. And for 2000 years, it has been political, military, financial, cultural and scientific center.

After the reform and opening-up, the agriculture and industry of Guangzhou are growing rapidly and steadily. The development of foreign trade in Guangzhou is prosperous. GDP of Guangzhou is rocketing, and it grows 13% annually. The comprehensive and strength is No.3 city in China.

China Import and Export Fair, also called Canton Fair, established in the spring of 1957, and it held in Guangzhou two times in Spring and fall. It is the longest and highest with largest scale and category international trade fair.
Top 10 Business Cites in China

Top 4 Shenzhen

Shenzhen , also named Peng City, the special economic zones in China, and it is one of the four first-tier cities in China. Shenzhen is the important marine and air hub and foreign trade port in the world, important finical and economic center of China.

Shenzhen is the first special economic zone after reform and opening-up, it is the symbol of China’s Reform and Opening-up and a essential city for foreign trade. Now, it has becoming a influence international city.

China (Shenzhen) International Culture Industry Fair (called ICIF for short) is the only one national cultural industry fair, and held every year in May in Shenzhen. It is the only one national, international and comprehensive fair, which aims at expo and trade and creates a platform for Chinese cultural products and trade in order to push and promote Chinese cultural industry to make the world known.
Top 10 Business Cites in China

Top 5 Tianjin

Loclated Tianjing is one of the most economically developed cities in China. In 1860, Tianjin was forced to open and became a trade port. Many Western powers have set up their own concessions here, but also for this reason, Tianjin became one of the earliest opened port city in China. So far, Tianjin is the second largest industrial and commercial city in China, and the largest trade port in the north.

Tianjin industrial development, a wide range, is the birthplace of modern Chinese industry, but also China’s important old industrial base and the Chinese tradition and the current important industrial city.
Top 10 Business Cites in China

Top 6 Chongqing

Chongqing is located in the southwest of China, Chongqing is one of old industrial bases in China. It is a modern port city on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River at the confluence of the Yangtze culture. It is the biggest inland city of the country with plans for even more massive growth.

It is the transport hub and the largest industrial and commercial city in China. In 2015, Chongqing achieved regional GDP 1571.972 billion Yuan, with an increase of 11.0% over the previous year. Chongqing has been identified by the Economist Intelligence Unit in the November 2010 Access China White Paper as a member of the CHAMPS (Chongqing, Hefei, Anshan, Maanshan, Pingdingshan and Shenyang), an economic profile of the top 20 emerging cities in China.
Top 10 Business Cites in China

Top 7 Suzhou

Suzhou is a major city located in southeastern Jiangsu Province of East China, about 100 km away from Shanghai.

Suzhou’s economy is primarily based on its large manufacturing sector-China’s second largest-including iron and steel, IT and electronic equipments, and textile products. The city’s service sector is notably well-developed, primarily owing to tourism, which made a great contributionf to revenue.

Suzhou’s overall GDP exceeded RMB 1.54 trillion in 2015 (up 7.5 percent from the year previous).
Top 10 Business Cites in China

Top 8 Wuhan

Wuhan is a major city in central China, and a major industrial, cience and education base of the country, as well as an integrated transport hub.

In 2015, Wuhan’s GDP was 1,175.56 billion yuan, ranking eighth in mainland China, with an increase of 8.8% over 2014 according to comparable prices. Among them, The added value of first industry is 35.981 billion yuan, an increase of 4.8%; the added value of second industry is 498.154 billion yuan, an increase of 8.2%; the added value of tertiary industry is 55.6425 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6%.

Wuhan is one of the most competitive forces for domestic trade in China, rivaling the first tier cities of Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou in its volume of retail. It is also among the top list of China’s metropolises.
Top 10 Business Cites in China

Top 9 Chengdu

Chengdu has designated by China’s state council as the country’s western center of logistics, finance, commerce, science and technology, as well as a hub of transportation and communication. It is also an important base for manufacturing and agriculture.

In 2016, Chengdu achieved regional GDP 12170.23 billion yuan, with an increase of 7.7% over the same period in 2015.
Top 10 Business Cites in China

Top 10 Hangzhou

Hangzhou , briefly called “Hang”, it is the capital city of Zhejiang province. Hangzhou is the important politics, economy, science and education, transport, media, communication and finance center. And it is the center city of Hangzhou metropolitan economic circle.

Hangzhou is the permanent host city of World Leisure Expo, China International Carton and Animation Festival, and China (Hangzhou) International Micro-film Exhibition and it is one of major exhibition cities in China.
Top 10 Business Cites in China
These cities are the top 10 business cites in China, ranking by their GDP in 2016. There are many other famous business cities in China, such as , Donguan, Kunshan, Zhengzhou, Changsha, etc.

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