Top 10 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try – Whatsapp Tips And Tricks


Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try – Whatsapp Tips And Tricks

There are a lot of messaging services on the web, but there is no denying the fact that Whatsapp is the best and most popular among all. It is the most popular Instant Messaging platform and is constantly growing. Today, in this artice, we will be talking about some Cool Whatsapp Tricks or you can say Whatsapp Tips and Tricks that you should try. So, let’s get started.


Top 10 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try – Whatsapp Tips And Tricks
10 Cool Whatsapp Tricks

1. PIN CHATS – Whatsapp rolled out a new update a few months back that brought a new feature known as Pin Chats. Using this features, you can Pin any specific chat to the top of your chat list. If you鈥檝e ever been chatting with a lot of different people during the day and got tired of scrolling to find the person you want to respond to, this feature will come in handy. To Pin a chat, just long press or tap on any Chat and then tap on the PIN option on the top. The Same process is for ‘Unpinning.’

2. EDIT PICTURES BEFORE SENDING THEM – Whatsapp lets you edit pics before you send them to your friends. By editing, I mean that you can add text or stickers, etc. There is also an option to crop the images so that if there is any part in the image that you don’t want to send (unnecessary part), then you can crop that.

3. SEND GIFs – Yes, I know this is now quite an old feature in Whatsapp that arrived a few months back but still, it is one of the best features of Whatsapp that lets you send GIFs to your friends or in the groups.To send GIFs, just tap on the Emoji Option and tap on ‘GIF’ option. Here, you can search for any GIF and send it right away to your friend or in a Group.

4. TAG FRIENDS IN MESSAGES – It’s now possible to tag other members of a WhatsApp group in a specific message so as to get their attention. This is a good feature as it will let your friends know about the messageeven if they have muted the conversation. To tag friends, use the ‘@’ symbol and you will see a list of names of your friends.

5. TEXT FORMATTING – This feature is in Whatsapp from last year but now, you have separate options to format the text, and there is no longer need to add stars or underscores to format the text. For this, select the part of the text that you want to edit and then, tap on the ‘Three dots’ option and here you will see different text formatting options.

6. TURN OFF LAST SEEN – Do you know, WhatsApp will display to all your friends when you were last online.But hey! No need to worry as there is a way to disable the last seen, although the catch is that you won’t be able to see when any of your friends were last online. For this head to Settings > Account > Privacy and Set last seen to ‘Nobody’.

7. TURN OFF BLUE TICKS or READ RECEIPTS – WhatsApp will also let your friends know when you鈥檝e read their messages. Just like the Last seen, this can be disabled too but, keep in mind that you too won’t know if messages you鈥檝e sent have been read by the recipient. For this, again go the Privacy settings and disable ‘Read Receipts’ option. ( Uncheck it)

8. MUTE A GROUP CHAT – 1 Day. Yes! Just don’t open Whatsapp for one single day and what you’ll get the next day you open it? A never ending Storm of Whatsapp group messages. But, there is a way to get out of this. Simply, Mute the Whatsapp group chats, and you won’t get annoying notifications of new group messages. To Mute a group chat, open the group you want to mute and then, tap on the Three Dots option on the top right. Here, select Mute and Select the time for which you want to group to be muted.

9. CREATE & RESTORE A BACKUP –Whatsapp offers functionality to backup your data but you can make a manual backup also. It can be either via Whatsapp Servers or Google Drive. It depends on you. Head to Settings > Chat > Chat Backup and from here, you can create a backup. To restore a backup, uninstall and install Whatsapp and at the welcome screen, you will see the option to restore your recent backup.

10. STARRED MESSAGES – If you are a heavy WhatsApp user, for one reason or another, you may want to have some of these messages more readily available than others.For this, you can star a particular message or messages. So, long press on anymessage from the chat and then tap on the ‘Star’ option on the top. To see these ‘Starred’ messages, head to the home screen of Whatsapp. Here, tap on the three dots option on the top right and then, select ‘Starred’ Messages. This will show all the favorite messages.

So, these were some of the best Whatsapp Tricks or Whatsapp Features that you should try. Above is the video tutorial where all the features have been explained thoroughly. So, have a look and don’t forget to subscribe . Cheers!