Top 10 Highest Mountains in China


Mountainous areas make up 69 percent of China’s land territory. Top 10 Highest Mountains in China here will show you the 10 of the highest mountains of mainland China, among which, Mt. Everest is absolutely the tallest mountain of China. Then what else?

Top 1 Mt. Everest

With a height of 8,840 meters above sea level, Mt. Everest is absolutely the highest mountain of the world. It lies in the Mahalangur section of the Himalayas which bordering China and Nepal. Its Tibetan name is Qomolangma, meaning “Mother of Earth”, while Sagarmatha is another name of this mountain in Nepali, which means “the Goddess of Sky”.

Its snow peak sends out silver radiance year after year. Its waist is hidden in the clouds. The optimum weather to visit Mt. Everest is from April to June, a golden period for mountaineers.

There are four available camps, situated at heights of 6,100m, 6,500m, 7,400m and 8,000m and of course the summit, at 8850m. Here, at the summit, you can expect temperatures of minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but if you have luck the temperature can reach also minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit.
Top 10 Highest Mountains in China
Mt. Everest

Top 2 Mt. Qogir (K2 Peak)

Mt. Qogir is the second highest mountain on earth, also known as K2, Savage Mountain, Mountaineer’s Mountain, Mount Godwin-Austen or Chogori. It is part of the Karakoram Mountains. With a peak at 8,611 meters above sea level, this mountain is located on the border between Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang, China and Baltistan, in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan.
Top 10 Highest Mountains in China
Mt. Qogir

Top 3 Nancha Barwa

Namcha Barwa, or Namjagbarwa, is a legendary mountain with a height of 7,785 meters above sea level. It stands inside the Great Bend of the Yarlung Tsangpo River as the river enters its notable gorge across the Himalaya. Namcha Barwa in Tibetan language means “the war spear pierces into the sky”. It kept its record as the highest unclimbed independent mountain in the world until 1992 conquered by a Sino-Japanese mountaineering expedition.
Top 10 Highest Mountains in China
Nancha Barwa

Top 4 Mt. Gongga (Minya Konka)

Mt. Gongga, also known as Minya Konka, is the highest mountain in Sichuan Province with a peak of 7,556 meters, which located on the eastern margin of Tibet-Qinghai Plateau. In Tibetan language, “Gong Go” means “the Highest Snow Mountain”. It is a fully development maritime glacier mountain, a hot potato for mountaineers to conquer.
Top 10 Highest Mountains in China
Mt. Gongga

Top 5 Kunlun Mountains (Buka Daban)

Buka Daban, also known as Bokalik Tagh or Xinqing Feng. With a height of 6,860 meters, is a remote peak on the border between Xinjiang and Qinghai Province and the highest peak of the latter. It is part of the Kunlun Mountains of East-Central Asia.
Top 10 Highest Mountains in China
Kunlun Mountains

Top 6 Meili Snow Mountain (Kawa Garbo)

With a height of 6,740 meters, Kawa Garbo or Khawa Karpo is the highest peak of Meili Snow Mountain, among the 13 main peaks. It is the highest point of Yunnan Province. Kawagarbo is one of the most sacred mountains for Tibetan Buddhism as the spiritual home of a warrior god of the same name.
Top 10 Highest Mountains in China
Meili Snow Mountain

Top 7 Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash or known as Gangs Rin-po-che in local, is the main peak of the Gangdisê Mountains, which are part of the Transhimalaya in Tibet. Standing in Pulan County, Ali Region, with a height of 6,721 meters, it has entitled the “Top of Ali”, while Tibetan Buddhists called it “precious jewel of snows”.
Top 10 Highest Mountains in China
Mt. Kailash

Top 8 Qilian Mountains (Tuanjie Peak)

With an altitude of 6,644 meters above sea level, the Tuanjie Peak is the highest point of Qilian Mountains. Qilian Mountains is a northern outlier of the Kunlun Mountains, forming the border between Qinghai and the Gansu provinces of northern China. Tuanjie Peak is located on the section within Gansu Province.
Top 10 Highest Mountains in China
Qilian Mountains

Top 9 Mt. Taibai (Baxian Tai)

Mt. Taibai is the highest mountain of Shannxi Provinc, with a peak Baxian Tai at 3,767.2 meters above sea level. It is also the highest mountain of East Mainland China.

Mt. Taibai lies in the middle section of Qinling Mountains, with unique geographical condition and changeable microclimate, this mountain is topped with snow all the year round. It’s renowned for its height, precipitous cliff, sheer peaks, grotesque rocks and abundant animal and plant resources, etc.

Top 10 Helan Mountains (O’bao Geda)

Helan Mountains or Alashan Mountains, is an isolated desert mountain range forming the border of Inner Mongolia’s Alxa League and Ningxia. The main peak O’bao Geda, with a height of 3,556 meters, is the highest point of both provinces.

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