Top 20 Hot Chinese Actresses


Chinese girls are one of the most prettiest angles in the world. They have hot, elegant  bodies and delicate appearance.  Here is a list of the top 20 most beautiful Chinese actresses, all these actresses are elites in Chinese entertainment industry.

1. Liu Yifei 刘亦菲  – Pretty fairy goddess

Top 20 Hot Chinese ActressesLiu Yifei (born in 1987), also known as Crystal Liu, is often considered the prettiest Chinese actress by many people. She was nicknamed Fairy goddess because of her gorgeous appearance.

2. Jiang Qinqin  蒋勤勤  – Surprisingly pretty

Top 20 Hot Chinese Actresses

Top 20 Hot Chinese ActressesJiang Qinqin was born in 1975. She is credited as Shui Ling, meaning very pretty and smart,” Jiang carries with her the charm that comes natural to her, she has elegant appearance, peaceful and gentle manner, all and all, a very classic Chinese beauty.

3. Zhang Ziyi 章子怡 – Number One Chinese actress

Top 20 Hot Chinese ActressesZhang Ziyi, born in 1979, is one of the best international-recognized Chinese actresses. She is also often ranked as one of the most beautiful women around the world. His famous films include “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “Rush Hour 2” and “Memoirs of a Geisha.”

4. Lin Xinru 林心如 – Dimple beauty

Top 20 Hot Chinese Actresses

Ruby Lin Xinru, born in 1976 in Taipei, Taiwan, is a famous actress and pop singer. She is the goddess of many Chinese. She is well-known for her role as Xia Ziwei in costume TV series My Fair Princess.

5. Cecilia Cheung 张柏芝

Top 20 Hot Chinese Actresses

Cecilia Cheung, born in 1980, is a Hong Kong actress. She has a cute and pretty face and superb acting skills. Her big screen debut was in the 1999 Stephen Chow film, King of Comedy. Cecilia was involved in the Edison Chen photo scandal.

6. Lin Chi-ling 林志玲

Top 20 Hot Chinese Actresses

Lin Chi-ling, born in 1974, in Taipei,  is a famous model and actress. Well-known for her gentle manner and perfect body, Lin is dubbed “The First Beauty of Taiwan” by Taiwanese media.

7. Xu Jinglei 徐静蕾

Top 20 Hot Chinese Actresses

Xu Jinglei, born in 1974, is a Chinese actress and director. She directed the 2010 romantic comedy smash “Go Lala Go!” Her Chinese blog with had the most incoming links of any blog in any language in the world.

8. Gao Yuanyuan 高圆圆

Top 20 Hot Chinese ActressesGao Yuanyuan was born in Beijing in 1979. She is a famous Chinese actress and model. Unlike most actresses of her generation, Gao did not graduate from drama college, however, he is widely recognized for her natural acting skills.

9. Chen Hao 陈 好

Top 20 Hot Chinese ActressesChen Hao (born in 1979) is a Chinese actress and model. She was called the most beautiful woman in China by an online poll conducted on It is reported that over one million people attended the online poll.

10. Eva Huang 黄圣依

Top 20 Hot Chinese Actresses

Huang Shengyi, born in 1983, also known as Eva Huang, is a charming and refined Chinese beauty with a great charisma. Her first film debut is Kung Fu Hustle by Stephen Chow.

11. Fan Bingbing 范冰冰

Top 20 Hot Chinese Actresses

Fan Bingbing was born in Qingdao in 1981. Fan is impressed by her performance in the film Lost in Beijing. With elegant and beautiful looks, she is hailed as the most influential fashion icon in China.

12. Zhang Jingchu 张静初

Top 20 Hot Chinese ActressesZhang Jingchu, born in 1980, got international fame film Peacock, which won the Silver Bear at the 2005 Berlin International Film Festival. Zhang was also listed as one of “Asia’s Heroes” by Time magazine in 2005.

13. Karena Lam 林嘉欣

Top 20 Hot Chinese ActressesKarena Lam, born in 1978, is a Hong Kong based actress and singer. Her films include July Rhapsody and Inner Senses and Home Sweet Home.

 14. Zhou Xun 周迅

Top 20 Hot Chinese ActressesZhou Xun, born in 1974, is a Chinese actress and singer. She is very beautiful, pretty and cute. Zhou is a talented celebrity who is regarded as one of the “Four Dan Actresses” of China.

15. Maggie Cheung Man yuk 张曼玉

Top 20 Hot Chinese ActressesMaggie Cheung Man yuk, born in 1964,  is a Hong Kong actress. Beautiful Cheung began her career as a teen model. Her representative films include In the Mood for Love and Irma Vep.

16. Sun Li 孙俪

Top 20 Hot Chinese ActressesBetty Sun Li, born in 1982 in Shanghai, is a Chinese actress and singer. She rose to prominence mainly for her role in New Shanghai BundIron Road, and Jade Goddess of Mercy.

17. Zhao Wei 赵薇

Top 20 Hot Chinese ActressesZhao Wei, born in 1976, is a Chinese actress and pop singer. Zhao was selected by People Magazine as the one of  the 100 Most Beautiful People in 2006.

18. Yang Caini  杨采妮

Top 20 Hot Chinese ActressesCharlie Yeung is a Chinese film actress and singer. She is one of Hong Kong’s most bankable and iconic female celebrities. Her most famous films include Seven Swords, Ashes of Time and Fallen Angels.

19. Chen Shu 陈数

Top 20 Hot Chinese Actresses

Chen Shu, born in 1977. is a famous Chinese actress. Though she is already 37-year-old, She is still an elegant beauty and still maintains popularity while keeping a low profile.

20. Zhang Yuqi 张雨绮

Top 20 Hot Chinese Actresses

 Zhang Yuqi, born in 1986 played her first major role in Stephen Chow’s 2007 film CJ7. Her latest film is White Deer Plain.

Of course, besides above 20 most beautiful and hot Chinese female stars, there are also a lot of beautiful Chinese actresses. Do you know any other hot Chinese actresses, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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