Top 5 Movie Apps in 2017


After a long week or day, you are looking for a pastime that will offer you both entertainment and a way to relax and unwind. Movies are a go to for many people. However, you can only buy so many DVD. Going to the movies is also not an option if you feel like just lying around in your pajamas. A movie app creates a middle ground for you. You can get it for iPad easily and conveniently. It also allows you to watch as many movies as you like for as long as you want. If you do not want to end up breaking the bank purchasing movie apps, these free options will be a fantastic choice for you.

Popcorn Time
Top 5 Movie Apps in 2017

For many people, this is the best free movie app. It is perfect if you are using your computer to stream as it works with windows 7/8/10/XP and vista. It also works on Android and IOS systems. It allows users to enjoy HD movies and catch up on their favorite TV shows.

Top 5 Movie Apps in 2017

Netflix is a global provider of films and television shows. It works on Windows, Androids, IOS, PCs, Mac, mobile phones, tablets and game consoles. It contains thousands of movies work wide. You are therefore certain you will find the movies, television shows and series you want to watch. A simple subscription will allow you to get updates to when you favorite movies will be out.

Show box
Top 5 Movie Apps in 2017

This is also another great app that lets users stream and download their favorite shows. The best part is that it can be installed on most devices and systems including iPads, Mac, Android, iPhones, kindle fire, chrome cat and Windows 7/8/10. All you have to do is log in or register as a user and begin the awesome journey to nonstop entertainment. It also allows you to keep track of the best shows, available seasons and episode releases.

Movie planet

Top 5 Movie Apps in 2017

Just as the name suggests, this app takes you to a whole new plate of movies. Not only that, but the app also gives you the latest news and information on your favorite actors and actresses. This way you can also keep up with what is happening in the entertainment industry. It is updated daily. You can, therefore, find the classics and the contemporary movies with just one click.


Top 5 Movie Apps in 2017

This great app is perfect for anyone who does not want to pay subscriptions. It offers you thousands of series and movies that you can watch and download for free. It is compatible with windows PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad. It gives you 4K and HD movies to entertain yourself and your family with.


With these apps on your device, you no longer have to feel bored. You can download movies ahead of time if you are going to places with low internet connection. This way you will always have something new to watch. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to download just one app, download several just in case one does not have a movie you want to watch.