Top 8 Chinese Dating APP to Meet Chinese Girl in China


Dating apps are a huge part of modern dating culture. You have Tinder, Happn, Bumble… the list goes on and on. But if you’re going to China, chances are you’re not going to be finding any dates using the apps you’re used to. Sure, you could go out and meet people to take on a date.

However, your best bet is going to be using what the locals use, not just for app availability reasons in that region, but also to increase the number of people you can interact with. Let’s take a look at some of China’s popular dating apps.

1. Momo | 陌陌 | Mòmò

Top 8 Chinese Dating APP to Meet Chinese Girl in China

How it works: based on location

Even though this app is the number one dating app in China, the company wants to be known for more than just that. They have launched a campaign to help homeless cats and dogs in China. Sweet isn’t it? But it still doesn’t detract from the fact that many still peg Momo as a just 约炮 | yuē pào | hookup app.
Download here: Momo

2. TanTan

Top 8 Chinese Dating APP to Meet Chinese Girl in China

How it Works: Pretty much a Chinese import of Tinder

This app uses the same Swipe Right or Left matching method as Tinder. This means if you are familiar with Tinder, you should have no problem navigating TanTan. Also, unlike Momo, you can use this app in English. For those who have trouble coming up with something to talk about, the app has a pretty fun “ice breaker” feature where you each answer 10 questions to help get to know your match a little better.
Download here: TanTan

3. Tencent’s QQ

Top 8 Chinese Dating APP to Meet Chinese Girl in China

How it Works: a popular instant messaging app, also been used to meet potential singles.

QQ has many features like games, links to news articles, as well as a way to learn Chinese or translate phrases into Chinese. The ‘find friends’ function is location based, and gives you tons of information — from the usual like age and gender to the more eclectic, like astrological sign and blood type.
Download Here: TenCent QQ

4. Qing Chifan | 请吃饭 | Qǐng chīfàn

Top 8 Chinese Dating APP to Meet Chinese Girl in China

How It Works: a popular app for finding dining partners near you.

请吃饭 means ‘please eat’ and as we all know, eating is a very important aspect of Chinese culture. To find a dining

partner, simply put in what kind of food you want to eat or which restaurant you want to go to. If someone is interested, they’ll get in touch with you. The app also gives you a choice to either offer to pay for the meal, or to split the bill, allowing you to avoid an awkward situation.
Download Here: Qing Chifan

5. Liu Liu | 遛遛-宠物社交 | Liú Liú-chǒngwùshèjiāo

Top 8 Chinese Dating APP to Meet Chinese Girl in China

How it Works: this app helps pair up pet owners and lovers.

Looking for a guy who isn’t allergic to your cat? Or a girl who will swoon over your pitbull? Well look no further than 遛遛-宠物社交. You can actually set your main picture as your cat or dog, and there will be a small picture of you in the corner, to the extent that will make you wonder if you’re looking to meet the person or the animal. Well, as the Cheng Yu goes: 爱屋及乌 | Àiwūjíwū | Love me, love my dog.
Download Here: Liu Liu

6. Baihe | 百合 | Bǎihé

Top 8 Chinese Dating APP to Meet Chinese Girl in China

How it Works: this a bit more of a serious dating app for those looking to find a life partner

百合 is serious business: when you create an account, you will need to verify your real name, provide proof that you

own a house/apartment and a car, upload your school graduate certification, and your credit score. Basically, if you’re someone who has their shit together and is only looking someone in the same boat, skip the other apps and try 百合 first.
Download Here: Baihe

7. Blued

Top 8 Chinese Dating APP to Meet Chinese Girl in China

How it Works: currently the most popular gay dating app in China

Blued’s interface is similar to a mix between an instant messaging service, Facebook, and Twitter. For account verification, you must send a video of yourself to the Blued team who will match your face to the photos you’ve posted on your account. After that, it’s pretty straightforward. Blued may see some competition soon since a Beijing-based company has purchased the very popular US based app – Grindr. Grindr is already used in 190 countries and is an easy-to-use app that matches with men in your area.
Download Here: Blued

8. Xintiao

 How it works: Based on Interest

Slogan : An interest-based social networking app that knows you well

Much like Tantan (and Tinder), Xintiao enables you to meet up with people. Though, its main difference is that it has an original user interface design instead of literally copying tinder’s. Users still need to enter interests their manually, but the app (until now) can’t offer the amount of available options that Tantan has.

Pros –  Original interface. nice design. The interests seem more important  than the look.

Cons -Fewer users than Tantan. Distance-based filters unavailable. Few interest options available. Once again, there are no filters available to select age. It seems clear that Tantan and Xintiao are on a fierce competition. So far, Tantan has taken the lead, mainly because of its user base, which is the main objective for the app as well as the users.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of other Chinese dating apps out there for you to peruse. Which apps have you used to score a date in China? Do you have any good stories/horror stories? Share them with us!

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