Top Android Apps To Have In Smartphone In 2017


Top Android Apps To Have In Smartphone In 2017

Can you imagine a single day without smartphones? Can you imagine your smartphone without apps? Well, the answer will be no as today we can hardly imagine this. Today in this busy schedule of work majority of the people depends upon smartphones for their work. Their daily work will be hampered if they there will be no smartphone. In the smartphones, apps are essential parts without which our device would be nothing. These apps play a very important in one’s life, and today it has become the need of the are.

Top Android Apps To Have In Smartphone In 2017

In this article, We will tell you about the best/top smartphone apps that have been the most popular among the public. These apps reach the height of the success due to their multifunctional features. So, here are the best Android apps. And hey! Check out the Brawl Stars Game . Believe us, it’s awesome.



Top Android Apps To Have In Smartphone In 2017

It is a multifunctional app that boosts your device and makes it run smooth. The app periodically scans the files and the folders, and if any junk file is found, then it is cleared off with a single touch on it. It also clears the background apps that has a high consumption of battery and memory. The clearing of all the junk files automatically increases the battery life so that you can enjoy a longer period with your phone. The app boosts the game and gives us a real experience of the game.

Download here DU SPEED BOOSTER


Top Android Apps To Have In Smartphone In 2017

It is one of the best Android optimization app that has been best known for its antivirus features. It clears all the junk and the background files which makes our phone lazy while we are using it. It also includes the advanced features such as advanced lock setting and the notifications regarding the updating of the other apps on your device. This advanced lock setting protects your device from the external threat. The app automatically scans all the downloaded applications and thus preventing the malicious programs entering into your device.

Download here CLEAN MASTER

3. AVG free Antivirus App –

Top Android Apps To Have In Smartphone In 2017

Well, you all know about this app. It is the best antivirus app that is developed by the AVG technologies to provide the better virus threat programs to kill all the viruses and other spyware. This app has revolutionized the app market which not only has an antivirus database but a scanning tool that automatically scans all the files and the other apps on your device, and if any threat is found then through this antivirus program, it clears all the malicious programs.

Download Antivirus on Google Play


Top Android Apps To Have In Smartphone In 2017

If you are willing to know about the weather of other places by just sitting at your home, then you must try this app. It is one of the best apps that gives you a detailed description of weather of the places which you want to know. To know the weather of any place you just have to set the location and then immediately you will be updated with all the weather conditions of that place. The app is preinstalled app available only on iPhone. However, it can be easily downloaded on Androids.

Download here WEATHER

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Top Android Apps To Have In Smartphone In 2017

Blue Mail is the best free android app for emails. It keeps your emails in line with a simple design. The app comes up with the features such as email providers, app theming and color coding that modify your emails. Further, it also includes the blogging notification that customizes your experience.

Download here BLUE MAIL


Top Android Apps To Have In Smartphone In 2017

Feedly is a news app that is compatible with both Android and iPhones. The app gives you all the updates regarding the happenings around the world. As soon as there is breaking the news, the notification will automatically come to your device, and then you will be easily reading it. The app is not supported in offline mode, and this is one of the biggest demerits of this app as we always face the problem of Internet connection.

Download here FEEDLY


Top Android Apps To Have In Smartphone In 2017

Many background files are running on your device that hampers its performance. So, to make your phone fast and optimized the Startup Manager is one of the most trusted apps that clears the junk and the background files hampering the performance of your device. The app boosts up the memory and frees up the RAM making your phone faster than any other smartphones.



Top Android Apps To Have In Smartphone In 2017

Droid optimizer is one of the most powerful optimization apps that mainly fixes problems related to malware. It not only optimizes battery consumption, cleans junk files but it also scans for the traces of privacy on your device. It also prevents the hackers exploiting your personal information and keeps the user entertained with the funny pictures while it is cleaning all the junk files.



Top Android Apps To Have In Smartphone In 2017

Groupon is one of the best coupon available apps in the play store through which we can go for the purchase of goods and services with the discounts. The only thing we have to do is to apply coupons while we are paying money for the particular goods we have purchased, and then, we will get the discount on it. Recently the app has become popular among the public and has been widely in use to get special offers on the purchase of products.

Download here GROUPON


Top Android Apps To Have In Smartphone In 2017

It is a password manager app that helps the user to create their passwords to protect their device from the external threat. It supports some plugins and password generator that helps you to create the advanced password as possible.

Download here KEEPASSDROID

So, these were some of the top Android Apps that you should install on your Android smartphone. Are we missing some apps? Do let us know via the comments section.


There are many games compatible with the Android platform, but the best includes the Angry Birds, WCC2, Real Racing, Asphalt 8 and much more.

First of all, one should avoid the free antivirus software because as soon as it has been installed into your device, it asks to upgrade to the full version to get real security. Therehavebeen much software, but we think that Avira Antivirus is the best one.