Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review


We are experiencing a continuous evolution of technology in 21 century. It applies to each different field of interest. We want everything should be compact and easy to use. Such thinking is giving significant influence to the Nanotechnology in the current era. In this post, I have reviewed a tiny projector named Micro Whale or Whaley M1 which is a well-known Top Full HD Projector inspired by the same technology so keep reading! Nanotechnology has already entered our houses and offices.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

Currently, we are using slimmer mobiles, laptops than a few years before. You might have already aware of micro SD cards, micro SIM cards, Nano SIM cards, etc. Therefore, today the technology is already in our hands and are always there whenever we are moving from one place to another using a gadget.

We can take the example of a Projector. Right from the time when the first projector has been launched till now, there are many changes behind the technologies used in the same. Slowly smaller and tiny projectors are replacing the old fashion bigger boxes. At the same time enhancing the display performance as per today’s market need and a user.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

What is today’s Market Need?

Talking about the display technology on any device either it is a Projector, TV, Gadget or so! We can identify how the advancements in the field of the multimedia display have been increased in a relatively higher level. Also since in the next section, we are going to discuss the world’s tiniest projector that supports Full HD projection displays.

So we can identify the today’s market need. People are so much keen towards high-resolution displays. While buying a gadget, the very first thing one must look for is a fantastic display that supports at least Full HD resolution. It can be anything like a smartphone, Television, Laptop, Monitor, Tablet, etc.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

What do you want to know about Whaley M1?

By reading the above title “World’s tiniest 1080p projector,” you might be interested in knowing more about the projector. Most of the people are already aware of the feature and specifications of the same.

Whenever I share any details about Micro Whale M1 with others, everyone starts questioning me many things related to the product. After all, I am just a gadget geek, and I do not belong to the Manufactures team of M1.

However, still most of the people didn’t understand this difference. So for such people, I have collected the best possible information from the official sources about the Top Full HD Projector that is an M1 projector. I am planning to present this post differently.

Yes, in the next section you see different Frequently Asked Questions that were commonly asked to me. So I came up with their answers in the next section. Read it thoroughly, since within the answers you will also get to know the main features and uses of the world’s tiniest Micro whales M1 Full HD projector.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review


Lamp: LED

Lamp Power: 50W

Brightness: 750 ANSI lumens

Lamp Life: 30,000 hours.

Projection Distance: 0.5 to 3 meters.

Screen Size: 40-300 inches.

Contrast Ratio: 5000:1

Inbuilt Speakers: Yes

A Review of Different Features of Whaley M1

Moving to the main motto of this post, i.e., reviewing the smallest Full HD bright projector. Before moving ahead, I want you to think about having a tiny box in your hand like a wallet. So that you can connect it with your mobile and start projecting images, videos, movies with your friends on walls wherever you hang out with them

Alternatively, how about the condition when you are alone and feel bored. At the same time, you have the option to take out a small projector from your backpack. Further, start projecting some entertaining videos on a big display on any walls or ceilings available in your home!

We can see so many more thing with the help of a Top Full HD Projector than what we can imagine now. Yes, I am talking about Whaley M1! So let us take an outlook about the product itself and see what all features it has for its users and how much we can expect from the same!

I am trying to make it simple to understand and also to solve the basic Queries of People. Especially those who want to know more about Micro whales M1 Projector. Following are 14 common FAQs cum Features or review about M1 projector from different perspectives;

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

What is so popular about the Design of Whale M1 Tiny Projector?

Starting with the most significant plus point of Whaley M1, ‘Small.’ It is designed well that It can attract anyone whether we talk about a man, woman, child, youngsters or even older ones. All credit goes to Texas Instruments, who played a significant role in making its built-in-chip. It makes possible for the makers to keep it the tiniest among all the projectors available in the market till now.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

How is the Hardware Design of M1 Projector?

It possesses a DLP Pico chip which is itself a monopolized microchip. It is very comfortable to carry with a single hand since no sharp edges are there. The whole body is made up of all metal. However, brushed metal is used to design the panel of the front lens. M1 supports autofocus, thanks to the two lenses available in it, one large and another small. M1 possessed 2 GB of Memory and based on a smooth and efficient A73 architecture processor.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

What is so Unique Regarding the Shape of Micro Whale’s M1 Projector?

M1 got its unique body shape and design. It resembles much more like an octagon from the side. Even it can be placed in different ways. However, the most recommended one has its bottom part on the flat surface without the need to adjust the height or so. For proper heat dissipation, there is an air vent at its backside.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

What are all the Interface Options?

Most of the interfaces are hidden with the help of a cover. You can easily connect USB and HDMI that can support transferring of high definition videos. At its top, a band indicator is present which gives a distinctive look to it at dark or night hours. Even it is handy and tiny to keep and control from your hands as well, but it is ultimately a projector.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

What makes Micro Whales M1 Projector Convenient in Use?

It is for sure that you need to install it at one place to project something from it, while you are far away from the same. Moreover, at that time a remote controller is must to have the feature to avoid any inconvenience and waste of time. The creators of Whaley did take care of such thing and provided a Bluetooth enables remote control with the unit.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

What type of Display Whaley M1 has to Offer?

The most significant plus point can even become the biggest downside for many people! Why am I telling this? It is because as per my experiences with different projector users, about what they think, they prefer before buying a projector.

I know whenever people see a small projector they first thought about whether they will get a good projection display from the same or not. Since the projector is little, so it might not have that much power like bigger projectors. Also, it happens with many models as well!

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

Now for those, great news about the Micro whale M1 is that this smart projector has a fantastic projection output. One of the reasons why people are identifying it as a Top Full HD Projector. It also maintains a good ratio of sharpness and brightness. You can get clear pictures from the same. So we can say it can make such people think twice before buying big projectors for their needs.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

How is the Quality of the Projection?

Many reviewers have tested M1 and find that they are impressed with its viewing experience. Not only HD pictures but you can also enjoy 4k and Blue-ray videos on it up to a much greater extent. For better enjoyment, the suggested screen size should be 100 inches to identify the textures and details of the objects in videos.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

The project has already been tested with different types of Full HD contents. Such as images, docs, excel sheets, standard/ high-quality movies and much more. However, at 720p you may not find a high level of viewing effect.

Whale M1 works fine in maintaining the color accuracy of the projected images. It uses the image quality processing phenomenon. With excellent clarity, you will also get an excellent color reproduction. Also, M1 features HDR image decoding technology to get the utmost experience of watching HDR films.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

What all Content you can Access in Whaley M1?

You can search for and watch many featured movies that keep updating with time. Additionally, you can enjoy popular TV serials. You can access exclusive shows and variety of other programs. Not just this, regarding content you have many options to choose from Drama, Amination, Music, Games, Panoramic VR, etc.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

How to use the Voice Feature in Micro Whale M1 Projector?

You can control the Micro Whale M1 with the help of your voice! Yes, the projector supports the voice manipulation feature. Using this feature, you can command the projector to tell jokes, fast forward, ask for weather conditions, rewind and much more.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

How to Turn the M1 Projector in Audio Mode?

Micro whales M1 smart projector can be used in only audio mode. In which your projector will turn out to work as an independent speaker unit. An exciting part of it is that you can enter this mode very quickly. Just say “audio mode” in front of the Bluetooth remote controller provided with the projector. The smart projector will automatically start playing the music either from the U disk, FM and so on.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

How the Sound Performance for Music Lovers?

Micro whale M1 can be smaller in size as compared to other projectors, but its sound can beat many good quality projectors available in the market. All because of the Dolby dual decoding and DTS support. There are dual speakers present inside the projector to produce the full stereo effect.

So if you are a music lover, M1 will add to your enjoyment. Hence, you can place it anywhere in your home and listen to the Music while taking the rest. An excellent companion really both at the time of productivity and rest hours! Isn’t it?

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

What are the Connectivity Options in M1 Projector?

Whaley M1 makes it possible for one to connect the projector with a mobile phone wirelessly even without having access to the internet. It is all because of micro whales. It does not matter whether your smartphone is based on Android or Apple, the smart projector can realize the same screen operation.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

How to Create a Projection Hotspot on Whaley’s tiniest Projector?

Press the menu key for a long time to start the projection hotspot, use your gadgets to connect with the hotspot. You can synchronize the videos, pictures, and projection on the phone with the help of micro whales APP.

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review

How to do Screen Casting in M1?

Whaley M1 supports a highly practical screen casting function. It can pair two screens based on coding. It is a fact that micro whale is the first brand in itself to support off-site projection. Just type an address in a chrome browser on a windows based computer and install the plug-in to enjoy wireless screening further. The stability of Teleconferencing and Miracast is better as compared to DLNA and Airplay. It is a highly suggested feature for the business areas.

You can buy Whaley M1 tiny projector at a price of around 3700 yuan! If you like its above-stated features and compare the same with your needs, then you should try it for sure without any compromise. Even I am also looking forward, and I am sure that someone from my known people can buy it sooner. After all, it is having everything that a smart person would need!

Top Full HD Projector Whaley M1 Review
8.8Overall Score
Ease to Use8.5
Cost Effectiveness8.3
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