Top Ski Resorts in China

Winter is a season for skiing and snowboarding and China offers an expansive choice of venues for these winter sports. Here lists 5 top ski resorts in china for you reference. If you love skiing or plan to travel in winter, these ski resorts can be your best choice.
Top Ski Resorts in China

Top 1 Yabuli International Ski Resort, Heilongjiang Province

Yabuli Ski Resort is China’s largest ski resort. It is 177 km southeast from Harbin. Yabuli hosted the 1996 Winter Asian Games and the 2008 National Winter Games. It will also be a site for the 2009 Winter Universidad. The resort provides great skiing with high mountains and good snow. Local skiers enjoy the high elevation and the fact that the snow is neither too hard nor too powdery. The lowest temperature is -47.2 F. Because of the high elevation, snow falls for a long period of about 170 days. The period from November to late March of the next year is the best time to ski at Yabuli Ski Resort.

Yabuli has varied terrain for skiers of every level. There are 11 primary, intermediate and advanced ski runs. The 500-meter-long beginner trails are creatively designed with technical aids available enabling first timers to have their first try and other beginners to progress. The advanced trail 3080 meters in length set 1374 meters above sea level with the vertical drop of 804 meters that will give expert skiers the challenge they are looking for.

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Top Ski Resorts in China

Top 2 Jihua Ski Resort, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province

Jihua Ski Resort is the large-scale ski resort governed by Jihua Group in Harbin. Both professional and amateur skiers can ski in this resort. After development in the past years, Jihua Ski Resort now has become of the top ski resorts in China even in Asia. Reputed as 5S ski resort, the most popular ski resort in China, favorite ski resort among locals, one of the must-go sites in Heilongjiang Province, Jihua Ski Resort is the high-quality brand of China ski industry.

The Jihua Changshou Mountain Ski Resort is located in Binxi National Forest Park, about 38 kilometers from Harbin downtown and is one of the best-known ski resorts in China. Built in a natural basin and surrounded by mountains, the towering peaks snake around and enclose the resort forming a natural wind-sheltered haven. The resort has 15 different ski slopes, which in total cover a distance of 30 kilometers; cater for beginner, medium and advanced-level skiers. The resort is the training base for Harbin Skiing Team. It is a good place for cross-country skiing.
Best time to go:from January to March every year.
Top Ski Resorts in China

Top 3 Silk Road Ski Resort, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Silk Road Ski Resort is situated in the Nanshan National Forest Park, 38 km from Urumqi City in Xinjiang Province. It is capable of holding 10,000 skiers at the same time.

There are trails for different levels of skiers. Children, beginners and professionals all can find suitable trails for them. There are also instructors helping people and a special designed section for snowboarding. However, the most attractive of this resort is the beautiful mountain views. You can sit on the sightseeing cable car to the peak which is 2280m above the sea level and stay the night at the ski resort’s wooden cabins. Here you can try some Xinjiang delicacies at the restaurant here.
The Silk Road Ski Resort opens from early November to the beginning of May the next year.
Top Ski Resorts in China

Top 4 Snow World Ski Resort, Beijing

Snow World Ski Resort is only 20 kilometers from downtown Beijing. There are three trails for beginners and a 380 meter snowboard lane. The trails for intermediate skiers are gently curved to meet amateur skiers’ needs.

For people who are looking for challenge, the ski resort offers a snow mobiles’ race lane. And children can throw snowballs or make snowmen in a separate child section. If you want to avoid the crowd during the day, the resort also opens at night.

Snow World Ski Resort is situated close to Changping hot spring resorts. It is stronglyrecommended that skiers to relax in a hot spring after a tired day of skiing.
Top Ski Resorts in China

Top 5 Changbaishan Ski Resort, Jilin Province

Changbaishan Ski Resort is situated in the primitive forests of the Changbaishan Nature Reserve in Baihe Township, 500 km away from Changchun City, the capital of Jilin Province.

The ski resort covers an area of 102 hectares with an altitude of 900m. It owns two trails for beginners and intermediate skiers, one natural trail for advanced skiers and equipped with single hanging seat, Ziptreck, cable etc. Thousands of athletes from all over the world have skied in this ski resort. What is more, if you are tired after skiing, you can go the spring spots for a break.
Top Ski Resorts in China
These are the top most famous ski resorts in China to enjoy your skiing time in China. Of course, Snow World Ski Resort, Beijing is the most convenient one to visit, as it is quite easily reached from Beijing downtown.
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