UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child


At present we can quickly get smaller and cheap projectors for our homes than ever before. A multitasking projector with a feature to display High Definition videos can work as a full source of entertainment for anyone. In this article, you will come to know about my review on UhAPPy U20 LCD Projector. Also, I will share a personal experience of a mother with U20 to improve his child.

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

How can a Child Influence?

Either we consider a TV, projector, smartphone, gaming console or any other multimedia and entertainment device. Children are generally getting more attractive towards such other than any elder person. A child used to spend more time on doing hands-on with a multimedia product!

Well, today’s generation is smart enough that they can learn the things faster. Most of the children can able to operate a smartphone even when if they have not reached the age of schooling or so!

However, it has both positive and negative impacts on the minds of children. So it is the responsibility of every parent to supervise their child’s activity while he or she is using any smart gadget or multimedia device.

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

My Story with UhAPPy U20

Last week, I headed to California for a small holiday of two-three days! My sister is residing there, so I thought it would be nice to go and met her and enjoy my holidays there! One day, while I was talking with my sister at her home one of her friends, came to meet her.

My sister has a small child of about five years. So I started playing with him. I was also a part of sister and her friend’s conversation partially. After some time her friend asked her about the performance of my sister’s child in his last exams! I am also eager to know about the same. I already knew that her child was very mischievous and do not like to study much.

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

Her answer stunned me!

She said he got ‘A’ grade on his last exams! Immediately I asked my sister about how this miracle happened! She replied it is all because of a Projector. My Brother in Law had gifted a projector named UhAPPy U20 to my Sister on her birthday. And it benefited them to improve the habits and interest in learning of their child.

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

How is it Possible?

My sister told us when they used to watch any movies on the projector at weekend her child is sitting next to them. He is pretending a silent rock and watching the film on a big display without doing any nasty activity.

So his parents were finally decided to use the projector as a hope to improve their child. They prepared a plan about how to draw their child towards the fantasy of a projector. Ultimately, turning his interest from pure entertainment to potential learning.

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

Today as well,

His parents were always monitoring his activities while he is watching the projector or accessing the same on his own. They make sure the projector should not have a negative impact on his mind and activities.

Now I would like to share with you some of the activities my sister and her husband are allowing for their child to perform on the UhAPPy U20 projector. I hope this will help you too to try on your children if you are not happy with their behaviors or want them to perform well in their studies!

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

Beneficial Uses of UhAPPy U20 LCD 3D Projector:


Most people buy projectors for their home entertainment. It is convenient and economical for a middle-class person. It helps them to enjoy movies with theater-like experience every weekend at their homes itself.

So starting with as a source of entertainment my sister and her husband increases the interest of their child. At least for a start, he can get busy in some other activity other than spoiling the walls using colors or breaking the stuff.

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

Interactive Puppet show:

After some time my sister uses to organize puppet shows for her child and his friends. Generally, once in every month or so she invites his friends with his parents on her house and performs a puppet show on her own using the UhAPPy U20 projector. She uses to perform different acts inspired from his storybook to him and his friends, as a dose of learning while fun!

Yes, a projector can be used to produce shadow puppet. Project a white background and use either your hands or actual puppets to project an exciting puppet shadow show on the tabletop or walls.

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

An Activity of Art:

It is best if your child draws anything on a removable surface or wall other than spoiling your indoor home walls! My sister and his husband did the same thing. They install a big board on the side of their garage, and they usually use to project a white image on it.

Further, they allow their child to write anything there itself or to make cartoon characters or anything that he likes to do. Also, they clean it either by rubbing the surface with a cloth or paint.

This art activity saves much money for my sister and his husband. At last, their child can get a chance to do anything on a temporary wall without having anyone to scold him for the same!

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

Learning Games:

My sister and her husband were getting success in the process of improving their child. Their next step was to project some Quiz or Fun learning games on the projector. They want their child to develop his interest in learning something with fun.

To do this, after every day or two my sister is attaching the projector with the laptop and project the trivia games on a big wall. She uses to play it while her child is sitting next to her in the hope that the child will interact in this course. And it works!

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

Fun in the Kitchen:

Daily in the morning, whenever my sister is preparing the breakfast and afternoon meals, she installs a projector in the kitchen. Either on the top of a fridge or the kitchen bar pointing towards a wall. She uses to play cartoons, kids learning videos, science videos, funny videos and many more!

After all, it is not only for her enjoyment, but she is well aware of the fact that her child uses to hang on with her in the kitchen daily! So potentially makes her kitchen activity calmed than before by engaging her children in watching something good for him.

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

Before Sleep:

Portable projectors like UhAPPy U20 make it easy for anyone to carry it from one place to another with ease. They can also be set up very easily anywhere. So why not on the bed, after all, many people follow the same!

But what my sister is usually projecting are scenes, images that can please your eyes. It can make you sleep other than watching videos or movies at that time that can disturb your needful sleep. After all, my sister got the trick about how to make her child sleep early at nights!

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

Digital Storybooks:

Nothing can best attract the mind of children other than an exciting story! My sister knows it very well since her child has the habit of listening to good stories after every afternoon meals. After U20 projector the scenario has been changed.

Now her child can watch and read as well with my sister with striking story images while my sister is telling him a story. This activity encourages him to engage well. Also, get some inspirations from the good storybooks and digital graphic novels projected in front of him.

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

Complete the Project:

Today my sister and her husband are proud of having a projector in their home that completely changes the lifestyle of their child. Even I experienced the same another day when I come to know about all these things.

My sister uses to show some good quality images of dolphins, sharks, fishes, octopus, coral reefs, etc. It is not only to engage his child, but they are working on a school project. I am sure his teacher will be going to impress with the project work. After all, he is doing it with complete dedication!

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

Holiday Spirit:

After listening and experience all such activities I thought I could also contribute to it. A night before I was coming back to home I have organized an entertainment show for my sister and his family.

They had enjoyed the dancing sugarplums, digital snowflakes on the walls of their house. I added some part of Halloween to add thrill to their enjoyment. Lastly, I projected some eye-pleasing fireworks to end up my session!

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

UhAPPy U20 Review

Now, it’s time for me to introduce the U20 projector that helped my family members to add to their benefits.

Let us first discuss the main features of the projector:

  1. UhAPPy U20 is a multimedia player cum LCD projector with a native resolution of 800 x 480 Pixels.
  2. U20 can be able to display bright pictures since it supports the projection of 2600 lumens.
  3. It comes with an Infrared Remote Controller.
  4. You can use the projector in multiple languages like English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and many more.
  5. The projector is based on illuminating vivid color pictures using an RGB LED light source.
  6. U20 can display less fuzzy images with more details since it can support the highest resolution up to 1080P.
  7. The Lamp life is about 20,000 hours.
  8. You can connect a 2.5GHz wireless keyboard and mouse as well with the projector.
  9. It is running on Android 4,4 Operating System.UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child
  10. U20 possess 1GB of RAM and 8GB of flash ROM.
  11. The projector supports Wi-Fi connectivity with IEEE 802.11b/g/n.
  12. For a smooth viewing experience and quick projector feedback, the projector is having a quad-core CPU of Amlogic S805.
  13. You can connect any external types of equipment with the projector such as Smartphone, SD card, Set Top Box, Laptop, PC, USB Drive, etc.
  14. U20 supports direct play of USB disk files and TF.
  15. You can adjust the size of the projection from 32 to 200 inches as per the recommended distance projection from 1.20 to 6m.
  16. U20 has hardware 3D graphics acceleration phenomenon.
  17. The projector is supporting both 16:9 and 4:3 display aspect ratios.
  18. To maintain long lasting and reliable picture quality with notable sharpness the projector is having a contrast ratio of 2000:1.

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

Next, a quick outlook on the essential specifications of the U20 projector;

  • Projector Lamp: LED
  • Lamp Power: 110W
  • Audio Formats: AC3
  • Video Formats: AVI
  • Built-in speaker: Yes
  • Power Supply: 110-240V
  • 3D: Yes
  • Package Contents: 1 x UhAPPy LCD projector, 1 x Lens cleaner, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x English Manual, 1 x Remote Controller, 1 x AV Cable.
  • Weight: Around 3.1 kg
  • Package Size (W x H x L): 28.00 x 40.00 x 34.00 cm / 11.02 x 15.75 x 13.39 inches
  • Product Weight: Approximately 2.7 kg
  • Product Size (W x H x L): 26.00 x 22.00 x 10.00 cm / 10.24 x 8.66 x 3.94 inches

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

My Review on UhAPPy U20 Projector:

I have presented many uses of the U20 projector regarding whatever I experienced with the same in a day or two and from the words of my sister. I will recommend it to the people especially parents those are having small nasty kids in their home.

Not only for children but I am sure the projector has many features to engage adults as well to enjoy their entertainment time thoroughly. You can use it to add some thrills on your parties and watching movies with the comfort of your home with a theater-like experience.

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child

You can buy it at a price of around $250. Use it as a way to treat and improve your children like the way my sister has done. Everything is in your control it just needs your smart planning while dealing with intelligent children!

UhAPPy U20 Review How a Projector can improve your Child
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