#unboxing & review: MSI GTX1080ti Graphics Card


I bet you have all known its parameters because it has been out on the market for quite a long time.

I still can’t figure out why I had the impulse to buy such an expensive gadget.

Now I have to pinch and scrape for the next two months.

This is the Environmental description.

And those are all the things inside the box. Let’s continue.

Here they are, all of them.

#unboxing & review: MSI GTX1080ti Graphics Card

Things inside the paper bag include an Installation Guide poster, a DVD, some stickers and an user’s manual.

#unboxing & review: MSI GTX1080ti Graphics Card

The Stickers are MSI Dragon Lucky’s stickers and Twin Frozr’s stickers.

The front page of the Installation Guide poster.

Page 2 and 3, Have little idea what they are about?

The Installation Guide is pretty easy to understand.

#unboxing & review: MSI GTX1080ti Graphics Card

And it has both Chinese and English version.

I think the poster is better but I couldn’t find it anymore.

Ready to take out the Graphic card.

Let’s look at the accessories first. What? It only has an USB. That quite humble compared with other brands.

The Graphics card is out of the package now.

It is brand new!

Oh no!! The package was ripped out when I took the Graphic Card out.

It is applied fan start and stop technology.

Product of China!

#unboxing & review: MSI GTX1080ti Graphics Card

Up on the top: there is a light in that dragon logo but the geforce doesn’t have any light in it.

8+8 battery

#unboxing & review: MSI GTX1080ti Graphics Card

Well, before I exchanged it there was an obvious scratch here, but now the scratch is still here. Whatever! I don’t want to exchange it again.

The scratch is even more obvious when you look at it in this way.

#unboxing & review: MSI GTX1080ti Graphics Card

I once thought that the concave here was the evidence that this Graphics card had been used but later, I found out all the new Graphics cards looks like this.

Hope it performs better next time.

I had it scored by some hardware testing application but the scores didn’t reach 10,000.

The hardware testing application I had used is Master Lu. The scoring process is quite an important way to tell whether the CPU is good or not.

That’s all and thanks you for reading this. Well, I have to say that it’s not an easy thing to edit this post with my phone. The forecast of my next post:

By the way, the price of MSI GTX1080ti Graphics Card was 900USD at that time when it was on sale, and I used a coupon on it.


Source: smzdm.com

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