#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine


Middle-aged people gradually cannot see their toes when they looked down, so they have the idea of fitness.

Many times, people are like this:they think of fitness only when they’re too fat to looked at, and think of medical treatment only when their illness set them cornered.

When the chubby gray rhinoceros get closer, the awareness of fitness grows increasingly strong. I have loved the rowing machine for a long time. House of Cards and Present Bao have made rowing machine popular. The first time that I knew there is such a convenient fitness tool, I Googled the principle of rowing machine.

Using the rowing machine can exercise 80% of the muscles. If you can exercise 30 minutes a day, you can ease from the intense work. If you can adhere to use the rowing machine, your body will be more well-balanced and pleasing to the eye.

There are a number of articles about rowing machine, and I summed some advantages:

  1. It does not hurt the knee compared to the treadmill, and occupied less place compared to elliptical trainer. (when it is set upright)

  2. It can exercise 84% of the body muscles, and have good effects.

  3. It suited all ages, and exercise intensity can be adjusted by you. The main point is that you will not be tired when you sit on it.

There are three disadvantages:

  1. Expensive.

  2. Expensive.

  3. Expensive.

Mr. Lu Xun said: poverty is the basis of rational consumption. He said the rich never have relationship with aunt Zhang.

Aunt Zhang keeps silent for a long time, and make strategy for about half a year. Finally she has a general understanding about rowing machine brand.

The first class, waterrower, is a foreign brand completely. The price of beech double track is generally between 1.3w-2w Yuan.

The second class is First Degree. It is said that it came from Australia, but it is unknown. The price of solid wood double track is 6k-1w Yuan or so.

The third class, domestic brands. Hyde, Moby and wakagym are generally viewed as the representative by net citizens, and the sales are relatively large. The price of solid wood double track is 3-5k.

The fourth class, the domestic no-name brands. People are not daring to buy, because it has no warranty and no physical store. A lot of small factories manufacture it for some times and then transform to producing other products. They have no after-sales service.

Thinking twice about it, she chose wakagym.

  1. Rowing machine has less technical content, durable is the most important. I have experienced Watlow Loren at my friend’s house, and experienced ¥2000 metal rowing machine at gym. Watlow Loren didn’t really feel like more than 2w Yuan, and the hand feeling is absolutely not worth 18000 Yuan. Gym instructor said that the rowing machine is used every day but it hasn’t broke down substantially. So the first choice is decided, the purpose is not to show off, domestic brand is the first choice.

  2. I have checked the manufacturer of each brand. Moby and wakagym once have had a crowdfunding on Jingdong, and this shows that the two manufacturers are not factories that produce fakes. They have technical support. To promote their brand and have a good reputation, this kind of manufacturers’ product quality is generally guaranteed. The second benefit is that the product is at start-up period, so there are price promotion frequently. So it is cost-effective at the sales event.

  3. I have searched by sales at TaoBao, and pleasantly decided to buy wakagym.

I had a chat with a customer service for a long time, and then ordered a wax wood two-track and a water resistance adjustment.

SF Express offer free delivery.

Shandong sent to Ningbo only spent a day.

It is surprise that the wakagym is arrived at the next day, and the dispatcher called me and said the package is big.

It was a raindrop day, and it really surprised me when the dispatcher moves it into my house.

#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

The length of the package is 2.6 meters.

It cannot get into elevator, so we opened the package downstairs.

#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

It is intact when unpacked, even have not a bump. A thumbs-up for SF Express.

The whole rowing machine is assembled before delivery, and there is no need to assemble it yourself. Like.

But other brands need to assemble it yourself.

#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

Continue unpacking.

The lower wheels were jammed and spent a lot of effort to erect the machine.

When the packaging is finished, it is shiny.

#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

The whole machine is very heavy, and you have to be mentally prepared. It is about 30 kg or more.#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

We tilted the angle of the machine slightly, and put into the elevator perfectly

#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

I have a look at the workmanship when the machine is carried at home. The texture of ash wood is very good and manufacturers made a perfect surface.

There is no difference between the machine’s real color and the seller’s descriptions. I am satisfied with the wood.

In actuality, all types of rowing machine can achieve the fitness effect. To judge a machine is good or bad, the key is materials; materials are divided into materials and dosage.

Solid wood is better than aluminum definitely, and two-track is better than monorail, and thick is better than thin.

Look at the thickness of ash wood.

The material of wakagym is much enough.

#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

Motherboard is the whole wood, not spliced, and it gives me the feeling of strong.

#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

The two wheels at the bottom is very convenient to slide when the machine is erected.

Double water tank can adjust the resistance, and the red at the bottom is a waterproof hole.

#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

It is much convenient than a single tank.

It is the look when the machine is reclined. The length is 2.3 meters.

#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

There is a built-in electronic counter.

#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

The top layer is the drain hole of the tank, and each rowing will overflow from the holes.

#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

This is a water resistance regulator.  It is used to control resistance.

#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

Manufacturers claimed that they have applied for a patent.

According to the instructions, it is recommended to use pure water.

After filling three bottles of 15 liters of water, the resistance is just right.

It is suitable for all ages; the children are very easy to play.

#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

The appearance of the tank after rowed.

Sit on it and begin exercise.

#Unboxing& Review Wakagym Rowing Machine

These days, I have a sweating body training every day.According to the normal speed, you will sweat generally after 15 minutes exercise. If the intensity is bigger, you will pant after 3 minutes.

According to the measured, the intensity depends entirely on the speed. If you are faster, the resistances are greater, and the exercise effects are better.300 times is good for me, according to my physical strength.

To sum up


  1. Part of the workmanship is slightly rough. Watertown’s screw is said to be flat with the wood, but wakagym’s screw is exposed.

  1. The plastic feeling of hand pull-ring is relatively strong; and there are small sounds when I pull it firmly. But after I used it several times, the sound is disappeared. Maybe it is because of the running-in stage.

  1. The workmanship of water tank is less than Walter Loren; there are some small burrs. But they have a 1w Yuan difference in price.


  1. It occupied less place, it only occupied about a chair’s area when rowing machine is folded. Photos are not uploaded.

  1. The material is solid, and the motherboard is the whole of the timber, not spliced.

  1. All of your family members can use it, and exercise intensity is decided by yourself.

  1. The biggest advantage is cheap. This brand is only a fraction of the price of some foreign brands.

Finally, this is suggestions for everyone. If you wanna buy a rowing machine, 3000 Yuan or 4000 Yuan is worth it.

Imported wax wood dual track, the price is cost-effective if you encountered shop promotion. There is no need to buy a bike.

Imported brands priced at 10000 -20000 may be are better in details than domestic brands. But the difference is more than 10000yuan; it’s decided by your wallet.

If you have put one in your home, the first reaction of your friends is: wow… this is a rowing machine!

Nobody will bend over to see what your brand is.

It is there.


I have been training for a week, and was used to the ache in my waist and back. Rowing machine is indeed a convenient fitness tool for indooorsman.

Regardless of wind and rain, you can just open the sound equipment at home, put music on, and then have a rowing pleasantly. The water sound pleasing to the ear and joy is overflowing. Discover a new way to spend the weekend!

Author: shisanage

Source: SMZDM

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