#unboxing&review: Guess what? I can’t stop buying Pandora!


I really bought a lot from Pandora Jewelry on my friend’s recommendation. And I did the math. That probably cost me about 1500 bucks. OMG I just can’t stop buying them.


Pandora is a well-known jewellery retailer, which is founded by Per Enevoldsen and his wife in 1982. In 2009, they made 3.461 billion Danish krone in sales there. Pandora began their IPO at October 2010 in Copenhagen. The shares have gained around 33.7 billion Danish krone at that time.

If you are new to Pandora, I will briefly introduce the bracelet. If you have already bought or have brought it as a gift to your wife, you can pass it.

The traditional bracelet composition of Pandora:

Bracelet * 1

Safety Chains * 1

Fixed Clips * 2

Spacers * N

Penants* N

Charms * N

I attached their pictures one by one as follows. Since I did not buy spacers, the picture of it is not shown.


I am wearing the basic bracelet.


This is another one. I bought the wrong size. It’s too big. My wrist’s diameter is 14.5cm, while I bought a 19cm bracelet. Then I sold it on a second hand website. Then I bought a 17cm suitable one.




Safety Chains * 1

This is used to prevent the bracelet buckle from breaks. The beads will be spilled everywhere. I strongly recommend you to get one.



Clips * 2

White daisy fixed buckle. It reminds me of Tokyo’s Yozakura.

The crashed-diamond buckle is fine.

The small heart crashed-diamond buckle is not my favorite for now. But it’s good though.

Fixed buckle is used to fix the two protrusions on the bracelet. It divides the chain into three equal parts. The beads are relatively fixed in each part, and it won’t slosh too often.

Penants * N

This is the blue crystal snow pendant. Sorry about the poor quality of the images, but it’s really shiny.

It’s the four-leaf clover pendant, which hopes you good luck!

This is Disney Cinderella crystal high heels pendant. Every girl like me has a dream of having high heels. The crystal high heels pendant has two versions now. One is an ordinary high heel with a high waterproof platform, and the other one is the Disney series, which I bought.

It is Valentine’s lock. It looks that my heart is locked, and who has the key?

Charms * N

It’s Disney Cinderella Pumpkin Car charm. I love this so much. This is the most expensive charm I have ever bought, which is around $70. There is another version without crashed-diamond. I think the one I got is gorgeous.

The hollow galaxy series was the poster model at that time. Seriously, it looks really good than the picture shown on the official website.

The hollow night blue stars charm. It’s fine.

The blue crystal zircon charm is sparkling. Everyone should get one. Other colors are available like pink and purple.

This is the summer watermelon charm. It’s for watermelon addicts.

I also bought some earrings.

This is the white daisy earring. It was supposed to match the white cherry blossom series, but I bought the wrong one. I was attracted by the petal design of the white cherry fixed buckle.

This is the zircon small star stud earring. It’s brighter than the photo as displayed!

The shiny leaves earrings. I really do not know why I bought this. I haven’t worn it even for once.

The four-leaf clover earrings. I always wear it at the end of the month. Hope it will bring me fortune to complete the KPI lol.

The blue snow earrings set is really beautiful!


It just appears like this! It feels not that good as a whole. I thought I have a terrible design taste. I just bought them separately without the designing mindset. Since I have spent too much money on that, I don’t want to buy anything from Pandora this year. However I can’t stop searching Pandora products online, lots of recommendations of Pandora are attractive during this shopping season.

Now, it is time for the real show.


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