VAVA Voom20 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Simultaneous Connection with NFC



My friend was arguing to buy a bluetooth speaker. It must be beautiful. You can use a bass bar and can charge your mobile phone with it(so you don’t have to bring a mobile power).He saw the VAVA Voom20 portable bluetooth speaker in SMZDM exactly, which was counted on double 11. So6 he bought one immediately.

The VOOM20 speaker uses a resonant bass technique, and the bass is certainly not bad. The first time I got into the resonant bass technique was in the previous shot mini. That bass is really good, the volume doesn’t seem to be big, but it’s easy to shake things up on your desk. Ha-ha, it’s a product that you must buy.


VAVA Voom20 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Simultaneous Connection with NFC

When you get it you can see a box printed VAVA’s LOGO on its sides, which is artistically. Splitting up the Adhesive tape, you can see the bluetooth speaker there with a layer of plastic film. Are there the models on the side? Oh, I can’t understand. On the back there are names and models of products. Unpacking it you can see two accessories boxes. Getting away the instrument there is the bluetooth speaker. There are an instrument, an accessories box, and a speaker. On the instrument is a sentence of English:“Let the sound move you.” There are three accessories in the boxes: a Micro USB charging line, a 3.5mm AUX cord, and a flannelette bag. The contents of the instrument are very rich, the using method of the speaker and the parameters of the speaker are introduced in detail:

Bluetooth version: V4.0, supports apt-x

Microphone: built-in full range

Drive speaker: 2 x 50mm full frequency horn

Transmission distance: greater than 10m

Battery capacity: 5200mAh

Working hours: 10h

Charging time: 6h

Waterproof level: IPX5

Weight: 694 g

Size: 19.25 x 7.15 x 6.05


VAVA Voom20 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Simultaneous Connection with NFC

The speakers are covered with chafing plastic bags.

The first sensation of the speaker is still very heavy, and the metal screen on both sides is very good. The top has a VAVA LOGO, the overall texture is skin like, and there are some buttons and indicator lights. But it is very easy to get hurt. Simply wiping and touching can make some scratches.

VAVA Voom20 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Simultaneous Connection with NFC

The profile is a single piece of rubber material, there is no button or interface. If you daily use speakers, you can easily set up the bottom, and you can see four supports. On the side there also has a small rubber piece. Opening it you can see a AUX interface, a Micro USB charging port and a USB outlet. Through speakers ’metal mesh, you can vaguely see the inside are full frequency 50 mm units on both sides. In the middle there is the passive diaphragm with the technology of resonant bass. On the other side is a large bass unit, which is the guarantee of the amp bass.

Beside the switch button at the top, there are three lights, can display the power.

VAVA Voom20 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Simultaneous Connection with NFC

On display there are 2 grid electricity.

There are bluetooth connection lights in the middle, and NFC, next to the play/answer key and volume +.

When it’s turned on, it automatically starts bluetooth connectivity mode, and the cell phone is already in the box.

But this is not what I want, I want to use NFC! Use millet 6 to open NFC, touch it, and it will immediately show whether to connect a bluetooth device. Just click can connect it, which is very convenient


And then you get it back with your hand, and you find that the 700g is still very heavy.

The VAVA LOGO still looks pretty.

Bluetooth connection lights are white, too, and they light up when they’re connected, and they wait for the connection to flicker.

Listen to the song.

There are full frequency units, there are bass units. The overall sound of the speakers is still the three frequency balance direction, both the female voice and the male voice are very wonderful, and there is no obvious tuning bias. The bass is really vibrating, and it feels like the bass doesn’t make sense, the resonant bass technique is still strong, so that the small volume can get such an effect. Finally, the sound is loud enough that there is no pressure to play it outside.

In addition, this speaker is supported to connect two devices at the same time. It is possible for two persons to connect the device to the outside, listen to one of your songs and listen to one of my songs.

The logic of the play is who plays it first then he dominates it.

If you want to switch the device, it’s also very simple. Set the previous device earlier and then play the other one.

In addition to the bluetooth connection, AUX is also available, which is that the current phone is not suitable for the 3.5mm interface.

VAVA Voom20 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Simultaneous Connection with NFC

The instructions say you can make a phone call, and I actually used the stereo to try it. The effect is ok, but you have to stay close, or the sound will be lower, and there is no special place of reception.

VAVA Voom20 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Simultaneous Connection with NFC

Charging power: while charging, the current is about 1.6A.

Charging when power off, the current is similar, also has 1.59A.

Try this charging function with an empty voltage of 5.0665V.

The output only supports 5V 1A, so it’s ok to charge the iPhone 6.

Summed up

1. The appearance of the speakers can also be beautiful. Both sides are metal strainer, which are very nice to be held in hand. The operation and interface are very simple and can be used almost without learning.

2. The sound is loud enough, the bass is low enough, and the resonant bass technique allows the bass to be in place, the other two full-frequency 50mm speakers, and so on.

3. The connection of the speaker is very convenient, and it also supports the simultaneous connection of multi-devices. Besides, the addition of NFC makes its connection more convenient. Besides, a 5V 1A USB outlet is the highlight.

4. The top panel is skin like, which is really fragile; The USB charging port only supports 5V 1A output. After overload, it will be protected and the speaker can be rebooted. The weight of the speakers is around 700g, which carries weight.

5. The speaker supports the IPX5 class water-resistant, but it’s my friend’s speakers, so I’d better not to play with it too much.

Thank you!

Author: Mushroomlovesme


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