ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector Review


ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector Full Review: Benefits of this Beast

Projectors are growing in demand since last few years. As people are falling for bigger and bigger screen sizes, some are going the traditional big-screen way with a projector. Usually getting a good-quality projector is tough and at times get cumbersome as testing each one out in a store is not possible. There are many different projectors out in the market which offers a different set of features. Today we will be reviewing the ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector which is capable of projecting light of more than 3500 Lumens.

ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector Review

Another thing which is growing in the market is 3D pictures which are in demand due to its experience. Watching every movie in 3D with the whole family becomes quite costly. Hence people do get 3D Panel television to watch and enjoy 3D content in the home. Our today’s review device solves the same issue as it provides 3D projection inbuilt which means you can easily enjoy 3D media also at home. Buying something is a tough process, and today we will be making it easy by reviewing the top aspects of the product which generally a consumer will look into before paying off the Cheques.


ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector Review

Just like any other projector the design of the VIVIBRIGHT PRX570 DLP Projector is the traditional one. We get a projection lens unit on to the Left side of the device. In the center we have the IR Receiver, coming to the top we have a focus ring just above the lens, below it we have around 10 buttons which will control the projection angle and other functions of the projector. At the back side, we have a few Input ports and an AC Input to power the device.

Connectivity Options

ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector Review

The main concern for any consumer if their new device will be able to connect with their existing set of devices. The VIVIBRIGHT PRX570 projector comes with a wide range of connectivity options which include VGA port and an HDMI port. These two options are enough for a projector which will solely be used by office persons to project their presentations.

Projection Quality

ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector Review

The device comes with a 4500 Lumens bulb unit which is capable of maintaining a 90% uniformity across the projection. This enables us to use a dark room without straining anyone’s eye. The projector is powered by a 290W lamp inside which projects the images. Natively the projector supports XGA resolution which is above VGA, but the projector is capable of taking inputs of UXGA and WUXGA resolution also. The size of the projection from the projector ranges from 38-inches to 380-inches diagonally, this means you can project really small images from a distance of under 0.8 meters to really big images which will require a distance of 7.0 meters.

ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector Review

Although it comes with a wide range of display size option, the company recommends 72inch to 180-inch size to be optimal and best for projecting an image which is sharp as well as has decent contrast. With the projector, you can easily project the two widely popular aspect ratios which are 4:3 & 16:9. The projector also has a digital zoom lens which can optically zoom the projection by 1.2x. Although the focusing part is manual for which you will have to put some work in.

Supported Formats

ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector Review

The Projector is also capable of taking inputs via a USB device hence it can read some of the widely popular formats to project without any external machine. Talking about the formats, the projector supports JPG, BMP, PNG, and GIF format for the images. For Audio formats which can be played to a speaker connected to the projector via the Audio out as the projector lacks an inbuilt speaker which most of the multimedia projector gets. The formats are WMP, APE, OGG, FLAC, ACC, and MP3 these are the most widely popular formats for audio files, one of this format are Dolby digital capable which translates to crystal clear audio output from the Projector.

The main media files which a projector generally projects is Video files; the projector supports a wide range of video formats which counts to be MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VC-1, H.263, H.264, H.265, MVC. All these formats are known to produce crystal clear output on the screen which even the VIVIBRIGHT PRX570 projector is capable.

Additional Functionality and Comparison with other products of the Market

ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector Review

The VIVIBRIGHT PRX570 projector is a simple projector which doesn’t get anything in excess other than the basic functionality of the unit. The device is pretty straightforward and comes with 3D technology with which you can enjoy 3D content without any issue. Looking at the competition, we do get more feature with other devices of the range, but there are many other factors we must look into before choosing the right one. Other devices might miss onto the build quality which the PRX570 includes.

In Box Contents

ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector Review

Talking about the in-box content we have the same standard things which are included with the device which include a pair of power adapter, a pair of HDMI Cable for connecting it with most of the devices, a pair of remote control so you can change the source and alignment of the projection from the ease of your sofa. Apart from all these you also get a CD which contains the software for your PC with which you can make most out of the VIVIBRIGHT PRX570 projector. Also, the thing to note if you are not getting VGA cable along with the projector hence you must also prefer HDMI Connections with the device for better quality as VGA input enables a legacy option of connectivity.



Crisp picture quality

Much better lens life

Bright LED at 3500 Lumens

Best in the price segment


Have all the top class features but is on a pricier side.

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Conclusion: ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector

The VIVIBRIGHT PRX570 DLP projector is quite a great device and checks all the necessary boxes which an office person or a person looking for a home entertainment device needs. Although the projector is on a pricey side, still it is one of the best in the range. The contrast ratio and the sharpness of the device are unbeatable for the price tag.

ViviBright PRX570 DLP Projector Review
8.5Overall Score
Ease of Use8.9
Cost Effectiveness8.8
Sound Quality8.8
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