VIVO X20 Full Screen Mobile Phone Review: Strong Photography and Smoothly Endurance


it’s also the most important part you have to test. As a full screen Mobil phone, x20’s main purpose is to take photos. So what performance it shows for first 20 million pixels, f.20 aperture and after 2*1200 and 5 million pixels f.18 aperture? Because of upload compression and the pursuit of some 100% count Mao party (seriously resolution, center and edge imaging), all the samples are put in the Baidu cloud disk.

According to the descriptions of authority, back camera has first 20 million pixels (24 million photosensitive unit) the photosensitive area is 1.28μ with Vivo image cube .I have done many searches for this 2*1200 million full pixel dual core focusing. However I can’t sure that which sensor it use, for great legalist school or three homeless. However it doesn’t matter, we only need a result after all.

VIVO X20 Full Screen Mobile Phone Review: Strong Photography and Smoothly Endurance

A phone with camera app .Although it doesn’t’ have various function. it’s enough to use absolutely .HD mode’s resolution straight climb ,the ten meters’ jpg has 8k*6k resolutions ,the two resolutions satisfied in every people The ios 50~3200 of professional model shutter of 1/12000~32s controllable range is larger than mix2 in my hand .It also brings document correct slow motion and time-lapse photography.

VIVO X20 Full Screen Mobile Phone Review: Strong Photography and Smoothly Endurance

All the samples are straight out without any modification .The photos outside ,default photo mode .White balance is right ,the blue sky translates softly .The exposure of the whole frame is just fine .Only the door frame sun directly exposures a little over .But for pictures are good enough .It is unnecessary to use snapseed to show.

Because the lights outside are light enough, the picture is great, and we use the photo taken inside directly.

It is still bright and clean to take photos in the room .Definition is still high not only center but also the edge resolution .It both have details and colors. Although it doesn’t’ have ant -shake thank to f1, 8 big aperture, it will never become void and for double camera ‘void .The own album offers the service .It can adjust and reselect for focus for aperture (simulate f0.95~f16)

VIVO X20 Full Screen Mobile Phone Review: Strong Photography and Smoothly Endurance

The shopping plaza at night the aperture of f1.8, remains ios50,the purity is high, the crescent moon can be seen clearly.

The manual exposure of official pattern, and I have to say that time to exposure can’t be too long because of the aperture of 1.8.And it can’t make the beautiful streamer (the only snapseed picture)

The manual exposure in 10s can take the stars.

Look, the key point is coming! The figure pattern can be used for people girls and babies. Please look at the pictures following directly. Brother takes his baby shows friendly.

The rays of four pictures have the same direction and the back direction. I don’t want to describe how the photos are; I only want to say the reaction of putting the photos behind the mother. But please attention, I don’t want to say that x20 becomes the SLR killer because of its second kill. I just want to show the agreement with x20 straight out pictures from normal customers. Although it isn’t perfect, I feel satisfied as an enough person. And the exposure of face is perfect too.

Under the appearance of sidelight, it’s easy to know that there is virtual depth of field to transit for the screen. It isn’t cut by one knife, there is some highlights spill over on the first face. It needs more exposure in general, but the second one reaches the nice result.

VIVO X20 Full Screen Mobile Phone Review: Strong Photography and Smoothly Endurance

The front camera has the same specifications with the back camera, and there is a softlight LED on the right.

The adjustment of the beautiful face of the camera, the automatic recognition of face and backlight, let you enjoy the experience of taking babies. I combined the four pictures because of many pictures.

VIVO X20 Full Screen Mobile Phone Review: Strong Photography and Smoothly Endurance

X2’s normal mode is 100%, the HD is 70%, and mix2 is 100%.But it is a little pity for mix2 as Google camera of official edition can be only assembled 2.9 edition.(Bunk! It is a normal situation except natural son) and because Yu x iaolong660 and I can’t find the way of root to install the revised gram as some limited reasons. Although we cannot experience the advantages of HDR and Google, its fine .The straight out camera is also good. But mix2 of 2.9 editions’ pictures resolution of panorama and small planet fall sharply. I don’t know the reasons so I won’t test today.

Unbox, work and touch

This is a picture in the ceremony (little says that it’s a ceremony to sign in app)

VIVO X20 Full Screen Mobile Phone Review: Strong Photography and Smoothly Endurance

It’s too stupid to describe the unboxing a lot. The packing is delicate.

Starting in May the Chinese business shows up in the sponsor list of the World Cup. Evening of May 31,the Chinese brand Vivi held a news conference with FIFL ,announcing that Vivo is the official sponsor of the World Cup from 2017-2023.It is also the first time for Chinese brand to become the sponsor for the World Cup.

VIVO X20 Full Screen Mobile Phone Review: Strong Photography and Smoothly Endurance

Let us have a bird’s-eye view of parts, ketaili, quick charge head and data, earphones, warranty card, introductions. It’s uneasy to see a vender gives away the earphones and protecting jacket now. The USB line is a little thick, but it has QC3.0 .It isn’t a problem that has type-c or not. Now the full screen shows up. There are many controversies about the name of full screen.

VIVO X20 Full Screen Mobile Phone Review: Strong Photography and Smoothly Endurance

But the concept of full screen appears just start. The enjoyment of view still exists. The surface has more superiorities compared with other iPhone 7, 8 which has a big forehead and jaw.

When x20 appears on the market, it has a layer of non-toughened glass film.

It is frivolous to touch. Although my hands are big, it’s soft when I hold it. The volume button and power button are on the right.

VIVO X20 Full Screen Mobile Phone Review: Strong Photography and Smoothly Endurance

This is the comparison with the mix2’s thickness. The x20’s official parameter is 155.85*75. 15*7.2mm+159g, the mix2 is 150.5*74.6*7.7mm+187g. It is difficult to feel if you see the parameter merely, but it is really comfortable and soft when you hold it. At this point x20 is much better than mix2.

VIVO X20 Full Screen Mobile Phone Review: Strong Photography and Smoothly Endurance

There is horn, usb and earphones hole on the bottom (what a great design!)

VIVO X20 Full Screen Mobile Phone Review: Strong Photography and Smoothly Endurance

The proportion of high screen, post fingerprints, double camera, flashlight and vivo logo. To be honest, the workmanship is excellent.

Turn on the 2160*1080, 6.01cun’s Super AMOLED screen.This is the default main screen interface. Two bottles of the frame from top to bottom’s design impressions are nice. But when it is compared with mix2 which has a narrow top but wide bottom, it’s difficult to say which one is better.The lock screen wallpaper is random display.This is the normal way to use the full screen.The attached Ketaili is a little thick.The system and the facial recognition it has X20 carries with xiaolong 660, 4G internal storage, and 64G flash storage. The allocations aren’t ultimate, the performance and energy consumption are in a balanced situation. The system is Funtouch OS which bases on customizing deeply for Android 7.1.1.The preassemble third party app are 13 totally. They all can be unloaded. The own starter deletes the drawer pattern of original Android.

As for system operation logic, I pick out some key points to say. For example, unlike mix2 which has hidden navigation but doesn’t offer gestures, it’s excited that Funtouch OS has own navigation gestures to settle the ugly navigation which occupies the screen space.

If you open the exploit pattern, there will be some annoying promotions on the top. What’s more, the colors can’t be changed into srgb efficiently .It only has the second option, the other windows and excessive animation duration. Besides, the animation duration can’t be chosen in 0.5 time speed and it will become 1X after a few minutes. I don’t know if is a bug or somebody does it deliberately.

Besides, you can’t see the card background after choosing the gesture. You can only swipe left the icon in the control panel to exchange in the background. So you can’t have it both ways. But you can swipe up to close and swipe down to lock.

This is own app partly, calendar, music, application, clock, album and games. The resigns are good totally.

The screen shot of fingerprints omit today, after all you can see this over the world. A phone with fingerprint is normal.X20 also supports wechat and Alipay to pay and the application lock with fingerprint and take photos with fingerprint.

I want to talk about the facial recognition

Face Wake to unlock the face, the moment of lighten the screen can explore 128 face features immediately, and unlock the phone.

There are not many phones with face unlock, the only experience of face unlock is to use win10’s Windows Hel in dell. It’s perfect, without the step to input passwords and it can be opened in the second even in the dark situations.

As for x20, surface can’t be added like fingerprint. Maybe it’s out of safety. It can be added only one and the process is easy, the face recognition is quick.

With the ways of lighting when you hold up, adding light in the dark screen, x20’s facial recognition is quick. Compared with fingerprint, not only preposition but also postposition, if you want to lock, you must use your finger to touch it, and sometimes you must move your finger substantially and it will fail if your finger has sweat. But x20’s face recognition is so quick in the day or night that I even forget I have a lock. During the time I use it, the quick and convenience of unlock also make me feel comfortable.

I saw some test on the Internet; they said that x20 can’t be locked at night. I experienced it by myself. Although it’s a little slow, it still can be locked.

And use the photos to cheat lock; there is a test says that it can use iPad to lock. I tried the photos in the phone and failed. So it’s not reliable in the safety.

The performance of x20.

Xiaolong 660 is not ultimate but the performance as normal use is no problem absolutely. This is run score geekbench, androbench (pity! indeed Emma), 3dmark and pcmark’s run scores.the speed of Wi-Fi is 868m, the full speed under 100m CT is 11.6m/. The document of system app has own ftp, and the speed of ftp to pass the film is more than 50m/s.Take glory of kings for example. The effects are opened but no problem, no stop all the way, the gamebench has never lost any frame. Fps60 all the way. But x20 doesn’t support video and glory of kings.Another game we often paly is the royal game. It is so easy. Because of without professional instrument, we can only use 6d to screen video. And due to the screen video, the screen color is stouter than practice. And the crystalistic sense and visibility are better than mix2, but the color is almost same. mix2->x20-> original picture.

Endurance and quick charge.

The x20’s battery has only 3245mAh, but the performance of xiaolong 660 is amazing. pcmark’s battery test is 11hours 16mintues. Mix2 is 7.58hours before; of course mix2 is xiaolong 835.

The charge speed of QC3.0 tested practically from 2% to 100%, it will take 78minutes to be full. 60% will be charged in the first half hour.

Summaries and purchase suggestions

It has excellent workmanship and a beautiful appearance of the full screen, the strong photography, the smoothly endurance, no pressure to play glory of the kings, only for 400 USD. No root, no NFC, no use flash storage, no 6-8g internal storage, no 128g edition, but the safety of face recognition needs to be tested.

In a word, I must say something that shouldn’t say by a test person. I complained ov ago. Once I asked how do you think of x20 in a group, I received all kinds of complains. But after using x20, I have to say that isn’t a bad but good choice for the person who doesn’t care about system and applications and xposed can feel the happiness.

This is what I have told many girls.

That’s all.

Author: daydreamx


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