Volterman Smart Wallet : In-depth Review


The evolution of technology has often led to disruptions concerning every inch of commercial equipment in our personal lives. What started as innovative personal computers, e-commerce chains, and mobile devices, have now become a widespread phenomenon influencing every sphere of our lives. This also results in a phasing out of traditional apparel, either because they are not necessary anymore or have been made redundant by technological innovation in that very sphere. Wallets are one such object of interest, whose importance has slowly trudged out with increasing reliance on cashless transactions.

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Volterman Smart Wallet : In-depth Review

The Volterman Smart Wallet aims to disrupt that sphere and bring in a new breath of fresh air through the usual tropes of innovation and technological value creation.

The main character, Rob, in their product promotional video, go, 鈥淚 am not Superman, I have Volterman.’The corny quality of the humor aside, the company might just pull off this motto because this product consists of a bevy of features which are miles ahead of most of the competition in this field.

As for being a superhero, well, that would be someone or something in the 21st century which can assist people with battery backup, providing internet at minimal costs and be space efficient. Volterman Smart Wallet does all of this quite efficiently, and how. The fact that something like this was built on crowdsourced potential makes it even more exciting.


Volterman Smart Wallet : In-depth Review

The Volterman Smart Wallet consists of a built-in power bank inside a utility environment. This means that unlike most specialty power banks, this wallet can serve as one while being much lighter.

It comes with:

  • Unique tuck in space for a phone charging wire
  • iPhone cable
  • USB Type M cable and
  • USB 3.0 wire

Volterman Smart Wallet : In-depth Review

Even better, this wallet also comes with the ability to provide wireless charging. Which means if two people own a Samsung S8 as well as an iPhone X, this wallet will be able to charge both of them simultaneously. The in-built battery is 2,600 mAh strong, which might not be the best, but indeed does the job reasonably well.

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The Volterman Smart Wallet ships with Bluetooth 5.0 support. However, this connectivity comes with a purpose which might go amiss at first glance. The Bluetooth connectivityon pairing with a mobile device acts as a tracker+alarm system. Thus, while carrying the wallet and your phone, if both of them are matchedthen if one leaves the other’s circle of acceptability, an alarm is generated in both the devices. This ensures that a loss of both the wallet and your phone is avoided under the proper circumstances.

The Volterman Smart Wallet also comes with an inbuilt GPS Tracker as a measure of extra security as well as a camera. If the wallet is lost, then it can be tracked using the paired mobile device. If the wallet is opened while it is away from the user, then a photo is immediately taken off the perpetrator and forwarded to the owner of the wallet.

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Volterman Smart Wallet : In-depth Review

The Volterman Smart Wallet is the right step in taking away the days when a loss of wallets was a real issue for people.


Volterman Smart Wallet also comes with an inbuilt wifi module which provides a self-powered wifi hotspot when required. This not only makes internet connectivity hassle-free, but Volterman also claims that their wifi will be coupled with inexpensive data plans, which makes internet connectivity using the Volterman Smart Wallet a viable option, especially when traveling abroad.


The wallet has an expensive leather design with a carved Volterman logo embedded on the outer side of the bi-fold. So, if you are searching for a premium looking utility wallet, there hardly will be much better options than this. Not to mention, for an additional 19$ you can engrave your initials into the wallet as well. The Volterman Smart Wallet has a similar leather design to products produced by significant manufacturing chains like Cartier, Dunhill and Louis Vuitton.

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Volterman Smart Wallet : In-depth Review

The wallet will also be coming with an RFID protection system, making it more capable of handling your cards and your car keys than anything similar in the market.


Volterman Smart Wallet : In-depth Review

The Volterman Smart Wallet is an elegant new entry into a stale marketplace which can be a highly efficient amalgamation of critical personal items while also serving as a power bank and an internet hot-spot, all within a large protective ensemble.

But it is not without its flaws. Although this product knocked the ball out of the park with its crowd-sourced funding, it has since missed its initial shipping date of December 2017. However, this is still an impressive new entrant for technological innovation, and like me, if its multi-purpose usefulness appeals to you, then I would suggest you jump on the bandwagon and get behind it. If you’re willing to risk it, The Volterman Smart Wallet might just become the technological superhero for you, as its adverts claim it will be!