What are the Best setups for Parakeet Cages?


Have you ever considered keeping a parakeet as your beloved pet? Parakeets are social animals and thus have tendency to interact with humans. Parakeets or budgerigars are one of the most popular species of pet birds in America. They need constant mental stimulation, adequate diet, enriching surroundings and lots of playtime and fun to stay active and healthy. As pet owners, you should take 4 factors into consideration as listed.

Cage Size

It is commonly biased that small birds like parakeets are more likely to reproduce in corresponding small cages. The truth is that parakeets need fairly big living zone for daily activities. Here are parakeet cages designed specifically for these energetic birds, allowing them to fly freely in abundant space. Our cages are mainly designed from 3 aspects: 1 .    parakeet cages are designed three times the size of birds with extended wings. 2. It has special bar spacing to prevent parakeets from getting trapped between. 3. Cages are made specially tall and wide for birds to stretch.

Cage Design

Owing to the strong energy of parakeets, you should weigh utility more than sheer aesthetics. Besides, decorative cages will provide a shelter for a large sum of bacteria and toxin, which will threaten the life of birds. Generally a wrought iron or metal cage is a perfect fit.

Get Different Toys

Different sorts of toys are indispensable for our little parakeets since vets claim that birds would stay busy until the owner comes back.When it comes to picking toys for your parakeet cages setup, here are some of the top things to consider:

Toys with Color – unlike many other animals, birds can see a wider spectrum of colors than humans. So finding one or two toys that have multiple colors will be a wonderful addition to your parakeet cage.

Toys that are Challenging –puzzles and ladders will keep parakeets occupied then their mental needs are satisfied. So take challenging parts into your special cage.

Toys that make Sound – being able to jam out with a cute little bell is the best when a bird is bored.  The function of the bell is to engage the bird’s attention and reward birds with entertainment.

Bowls and dishes

According to normal standards, a bird cage should have at least two water bowls for bathing and drinking and a third one for the food. It may occur to you that you forget to wash bowls or replace them in time. As for busy men, cleaning becomes the main concern, then you may go for tube style water containers which are built to keep the water cleaner for longer period of time as compared to the traditional bowls.

Just remember, that the cage is where your parakeet will be spending a major chunk of its decades. And it is utmost essential to ensure your bird of high security and extraordinary bliss at its home.

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