What is the best brand for messenger-style laptop bags?


What is the best brand for messenger-style laptop bags?

When buying bags, we are easily confused to buy a leather bad or a bag which of a different fabric. When we are buying bags to carry things like laptops and work related stuff, a leather bag sounds perfect as it creates a style and a powerful impression on the ones who see us with that. Let us have a quick look at a few promising brands and also evaluate the best from the rest so that next time when we sit to buy bags, we are not in a muddle of confusion.

1.Da Tasche 15 inch laptop messenger bag  (Rs. 1099 from Amazon)

Made of artificial leather this bag has a large zippered inner compartment with abundant pockets for various other things to be kept. The central flap has a two way zipper. It has an attractive appearance and compliments the formal style ensuring comfort. It is made of a waterproof material and has soft handles and shoulder straps. Ideal for laptops measuring 15.6 inches or smaller, the artificial leather might emit odor when first used but the entire bag suits the personality of a corporate person and is also designed so that some personal accessories can be added in it.

What is the best brand for messenger-style laptop bags?

Worth It: Da Tasche 15 inch Laptop Messenger Bag

₹629, 69% off Amazon.in Apr 12

2.American Tourister AMT 2016 Encarta Laptop Backpack (Rs. 1219 from Amazon)

This is made of durable Polyester which is perfect for wear resistance and it has some rubber inserted in it which allows us to place it in the ground without any tension of breaking the laptop. It can carry laptops which are 15 inches and less in size.  This bag is extremely comfortable as it has a padded surface and adjustable shoulder straps with a soft handle however it is not advisable to use it in the rain.

What is the best brand for messenger-style laptop bags?

3. Case Logic ZLCS-217 Laptop Case (Rs. 5542)

Made of high density nylon and can carry machines which are 17.3” and less in size. This bag has numerous spacious compartments and enables the user to carry a laptop and a tablet together at a time. It is well designed and provides top class protection and good capacity. I t has a good shoulder and luggage strap and is designed according to TDA guidelines. Since it has the provision to carry numerous things together, it looks quite bulky from the outside but its security standards are quite advanced.

What is the best brand for messenger-style laptop bags?

Worth It: Case Logic 17-Inch Security Friendly Laptop Case (ZLCS-217)

₹5542.35 Amazon.in Apr 13

4.Airplus upto 15 inch laptop Sleeve/Slip Case (Rs. 895 from Amazon)

This bag is made of a wrinkle free and soft neoprene material and the case looks like it increases the dimensions of the laptop. It has soft handles and one compartment and carries up to 14” laptops. We should not put this on the bag as there are no inserts in it and it is made of soft material but the good quality of the fabric ensures the new look of the bag for a long time even after wear and tear.

What is the best brand for messenger-style laptop bags?

Worth It: AirCase 15-Inch to 15.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve

₹879, 48% off Amazon.in Apr 13

5.Cosmos Wisdom Laptop Messenger Bag (Rs. 999 from Amazon)

This bag is made of nylon and can carry laptops which are 15.6” or less. It has a waterproof material, shoulder straps that can be fitted, a soft handle and lots of flap in it. The outer flap looks like an organizer which can carry business cards, pens and notepads and are ideal for carrying tablets as well. It is ideal for everyday use and can withstand the wear and tear of pressure in it. The front pocket however, is not ideal for carrying commodities and it provides standard general protection.

What is the best brand for messenger-style laptop bags?

Worth It: Sapphire Fusion Nylon 11Liters Black Messenger Bags Cosmos

₹1049, 39% off Amazon.in Apr 13

According to our research the leather bad creates a definite corporate impression and is also not very expensive, hence we would choose the first one hands down. Nevertheless, you might want to take a break from the same old leather look of bags and if you do, consider the bags that we have enlisted because we assure you that these bags are definitely the best from the rest.

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