What to buy a geek: Mi HRX Band Review


The demand for smart wearables has risen in the past years. Thanks to the arrival of certain affordable, yet functional, fitness trackers in the market. A lot of domestic players such as Intex and Fastrack, as well as Chinese and international players such as Xiaomi and Honor, have flooded the market with affordable fitness bands. These bands not only serve to be dedicated fitness trackers but also satisfy those looking for smartwatch-ish thrills for the price of a premium wristwatch. According to me this will not cost anyone pocket so much.

What to buy a geek: Mi HRX Band Review

Appearance and Feautres

There’s no doubt that the Mi Band-HRX Edition looks exactly the same as the Mi Band 2 . The appearance of band is so attractive, the design is very good. It is of black in colour, the black strap is so smooth. The screen size of this band is approximately 0.4 inch. It has a very attractive look, my friends always demand this band but i am so selfish so i always say “no”.

Using experience was so fantastic that i cannot explain. At first i was not able to run it and screen was not able to fix in strap, but i found a booklet in box through which i understood what i have to do.

All functions are running well. Tracker, vibrations and all other functions are running well.

What to buy a geek: Mi HRX Band Review


  1. Without the heart rate sensor, the Mi Band-HRX Edition is comfortable to wear, thanks to no sensor protrusion digging into our wrist .

  2. You can track all your activities, time management.

  3. And then there’s a 70mAh battery, which has been optimized to keep the band alive for around 23-days , thanks to the missing heart rate sensor, which reduced the battery life of the Mi Band 2 by almost a week.

What to buy a geek: Mi HRX Band Review


In my personal experience, I didn’t find any disadvantage and I don’t know about others. You can check other Mi Band HRX Edition reviews online for the cons.

If you want to keep fit and need to keep track of your health, the Mi Band – HRX Edition is a good investment as a basic health tracker. For those who are not as health conscious, can benefit from this little smartie with features such as a clock, notifications, alerts and alarms.


Value for money, time management and personality enhances.

At first i didn’t believe how this can happen but mi proved. In India Mi has become the largest smartphones selling company. I want to say you something i.e. these smartphones are only available online which is good, but some people who sells other mobiles mislead customers to buy oppo, zoppo, vivo and others. Even i was misled by these retailers, but i didn’t listen them.

This was my first hand wearable in my entire life, even I take bath with it. For me this is a legendry one.

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