What to Buy for Man: ZeTime Watch Review


What to Buy for Man: Preface-ZeTime intelligent mechanical watch

3 months ago, I have mentioned that one of my friends is an engineer of this watch. When at the dinner, he saw the ZeSport I bought, he said he is going to bring out a new watch: ZeTime and to give one to me. Therefore, this watch was given by him. There is no any profit in this article. Then, you can be told whether the watch is exactly good or not.

The watch had caught my notice in August when I bought ZeSport. But for it didn’t start selling, I had no idea of its exact appearance.

The combination of tradition and intelligence: Although the designs of ZeTime which listed by MYKRONOZ are various, people prefer to traditional styles. And this is why Moto360 was chasing crazily by people. So since then, the intelligent watches have been designed to be traditional. Recently, MYKRONOZ has listed a watch with hands going through the screen, which cost about 200 dollars, is going to be listed in September.

It was not until my friend gave ZeTime to me the other days that I knew this watch hadn’t come to market.

As the parcel didn’t mention, I don’t know the watch he sent me is the final version or not. Firstly, I would like to talk about the biggest shortcoming it has: it cannot install APP! Its foundations are similar to ZeSport, but it also has something more.

Unboxing- ZeTime intelligent mechanical watch

What to Buy for Man: ZeTime Watch Review

It was wrapped by a transparent plastic as ZeSport did, but it turned into a cylinder depending on the same layout. The characteristic of the watch is surrounding the cylinder: photographing, music, weather, the record of such as daily life& heart rate, 5ATM water proof (50m water proof), pushing messages, 30-day duration and so on. As we pay more attention to the IPX, we may be not so familiar with the 5ATM water proof. A simple explanation: ATM means atmosphere, and 1ATM equals 1013250Pa—about 1 atmosphere. The standard of daily life water proof is about 3ATM. If you only use the timing, it can work lasting 30 days. But if you use it also with screen working, it can only work for 3 days. In a word, the ZeTime is limited by its short duration, which is a common shortage of intelligent watch. But luckily, it could be use as an ordinary watch.

What to Buy for Man: ZeTime Watch Review

The belt of the ZeTime I got is made from 44mm black and red carbon fibre. It also has 39mm belts. The belts with earphones cannot be randomly changed. And it was designed similar to that of MOTO360. So if you want to have a change, you could change by the earphone of MOTO360.

A suit of fittings: introduction, charging line, charging dock.

What to Buy for Man: ZeTime Watch Review

What to Buy for Man: ZeTime Watch Review

The charging dock isn’t the magnetic suction cup. It is a little similar to induced electric toothbrush, whose logo at the bottom can be pressed to charge.

[Details- ZeTime intelligent mechanical watch]

What to Buy for Man: ZeTime Watch Review

If the light of the watch isn’t put out, it just looks like an ordinary fashion watch instead of an intelligent watch. The button on the right side controls the watch head, which implicit right-hand control. You can also change it if you want to control by left hand. But turn rotate180 degrees will be more convenient.

What to Buy for Man: ZeTime Watch Review

The belt was made of imitation leathers, it will be better if it was made of nature leather. The sports belt looks pretty good, but we don’t know how about its exact appearance. If you often wear it, the one made of silica is better.

What to Buy for Man: ZeTime Watch Review

The optical heart rate sensor of ZeTime is flatter than that of ZeSport, you won’t feel the watch when you wear it. What’s more, it won’t have evident tracks when you take it down.

What to Buy for Man: ZeTime Watch Review

After connecting with the phone by Bluetooth, it can automatic get the information of weather and so on, which can also use to search information. Many functions are controlled by watch head just like ZeSport.

What to Buy for Man: ZeTime Watch Review

The watch supports taking the information of apps such as QQ and Wechat. As long as the apps that smart phones support, the information of them can be checked with the pointers becoming parallel. So we can watch it without obstacles.

When withdraw from the information checking, the pointers turn back to the original places.

What to Buy for Man: ZeTime Watch Review

You can see the quantity of power rising as it is charging. It can be charged with ordinary battery charges in 0.5A current. The power bank that doesn’t support micro-current cannot be used to charge it.

What to Buy for Man: ZeTime Watch Review

The watch head can be switched randomly and it also has various watch heads designs. If you don’t like them, you could change it through apps in your phone. The watch can also search the phone, and even broadcast the music. But different from ZeSport, it cannot make a telephone call. It can only remind you of it. But the sound is too low so that you can’t hear it in a noisy environment. So the ZeTime improves its function of water proof.

APP control- ZeTime intelligent mechanical watch

Download Zetime’s app, just log in your MYKRONOZ account which can be usded in app of every kind of watch presented by us but each kind of watch has different apps which can be connected by Bluetooth. But I am wondering why not develop an app containing Zetime and Zesport because they are the products from the same company ,by using the same app we can have more resources to develop a new app and may be able to share exercise data or something else .

Zetime’s hour hand and minute hand cannot be controlled by turning bezel like normal watches. They can only be controlled by connecting app and use its setting to proofread time in cell phone.

After adjusting time of your watch, you can enter the main menu. This app for cell phone is mainly used for getting data from the watch so as to census it and present the result in a photo. Other functions are changing the setting of the watch and updating and so on. For example, it can change the wallpaper of dial, which is mentioned above.

The watch has 24 types of dial but they are not so beautiful and seem a little bit normal though. You can let the photos in your cell phone become wallpaper of dial and you can also put other little tools in your dial as your wish, such as your heart rate, distance you have walked, weather, remaining electricity of battery and so on. After changing its setting you upload your setting to your cell phone to synchronize your setting. The watch can store 4 user-defined dials at most.

Experience and share it! Zetime intelligent and mechanical watch!

Experience sharing- ZeTime intelligent mechanical watch

What to Buy for Man: ZeTime Watch Review


1. If you regard it as a fashion watch, it looks relatively beautiful and you won’t think it’s an intelligent watch.

2. It integrates optical heart rate. And its heart rate sensor is smoother than ZeSport.

3. Its dial can be designed by users, which makes it more convenient to design your own dial, and its firmware is available for updating.

4. It is waterproof for 50 meters and its battery can last about 30 days if you simply use its mechanical hands.


1. If used in intelligent dial mode, its battery can only last for 3 days, and that is the common shortcomings of intelligent watches: Battery cannot last for a long time.

2. Unable to send voice and you can only check the message sent by others but cannot reply them.

3. Unable to install app for intelligent watches is the same as that of ZeSport. And this makes the overall performance look weaker.

4. Its hands cannot be controlled without devices and it can be controlled only by connecting app.

What to Buy for Man: ZeTime Watch Review

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