What’s E4B? JumoreGlobal Initiates New Model of World E-Commerce


What’s E4B? JumoreGlobal Initiates New Model of World E-Commerce

B2B,B2C,O2O,C2C are common acronyms of different e-commerce business models.

But not everyone knows the new term “E4B”, which stands for “Ecosystem for Business”.

E4B model, initiated by the founder of JumoreGlobal – Eric Lu, is the upgrading and transformation of B2B business model.

As an E4B platform for full-line bulk commodities and whole industry chain, JumoreGlobal’s businesses cover raw materials like chemicals, non-ferrous metals, steel, energy, minerals, and agricultural products, as well as general commodities including manufactured goods, machinery, consumer goods and foods.

The special features of the E4B e-commerce model are global resources integration, global covering of value chain, and all-round services and support. In other words, on E4B platform, enterprises can not only trade and cooperate with upstream and downstream business partners of the value chain, but also get services and support including finance, logistics, big data, technology, consultancy and certification.

Join JumoreGlobal now, experience new e-commerce business model!

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