Who doesn’t want to take theatre experience at home? Who doesn’t want to experience HD quality picture with surrounding sound? If you have fat budget in your pocket, then everything can be possible. So here I have made comparison between two high range projectors of same brand. Both the projectors are also of same series. They are just different in terms of some features and design. Let us know the two products XGIMI H1 and XGIMI H1S. Here H1S is the successor of H1 with some modification. Just go through the article and know the similarities and differences between the two projectors. Let us find out which projector will suit your requirement. Before the comparison, let us know about the projectors individually.

A brief about XGIMI H1

XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S The projector comes in smart projector categories. The projector is little bulky but it doesn’t matter as it has awesome features. The sides of the projector is fully metal body, whereas the top and bottom of the projector are high quality plastic. On the front of the projector, you can see the eye of the projector with very high quality lens. The backside is also plastic and it is embedded with almost all types of ports to connect the compatible devices. There are heat exhausters at the three sides of the projector. At the top of the projector, you will get all configuration keys. The keys are built in premium quality.

There is no doubt in premium features. The projector is a smart projector with lots of smart features. The projector comes with Android version 5.1 with its own GUMI user interface. With DLP optical projection technology, it projects almost 4K quality images. It has native resolution of 1080p. You can enjoy 4K quality picture without compromising any picture quality on 300 inches screen. The best picture quality projection is possible in the range of 1 meter to 9 meter distance from the screen. With 1000:1 contrast ratio, you can get very sharp pictures. And you can enjoy bright picture quality with 900 ANSI lumens of luminous efficiency, even in day time.

The projector has very high lamp life of 30,000 hrs. So you need not to think of changing it for several years. The projector has 3 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. It has Mstar 6A928 Cortex- A17 CPU where the four cores are clocked at 1.4 GHz frequency. XGIMI has done a good work by optimizing the frequency of the four cores to 1.75 GHz. With Mali-760MP4 GPU, you can enjoy very smooth picture quality. The projector comes with in-built speaker and it supports 5.1 surrounding sound technology.

A brief about XGIMI H1S

XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S XGIMI H1S is nothing but it is the upgrade version of H1. Both the projectors are of same series. The build quality of XGIMI H1S is quite similar and in terms of design, it is also similar. It has also three side metal body with heat exhauster and the top, bottom and back of the projector has premium plastic. The navigation keys on the top of the projector are quite premium. You can have all types of connectivity ports just as H1. At front side of the projector, you can see the eye or lens of the projector.

When we move towards features, keep it in mind that it is the upgrade version of H1. But it also comes with Android 5.1 OS and with upgraded UI GUMI 3.0. This projector also comes with DLP optical projection technology. You can enjoy 4K quality picture with 300 inches screen without any distortion. The smart projector comes with 1100 ANSI lumens with contrast ratio of 2000:1 to have smooth and bright picture quality.

There is no change in RAM, ROM, CPU and GPU with its preceder. As like H1, it can also project 3D pictures.

Comparison between XGIMI H1 and XGIMI H1S

Packaging and accessories

XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S When it comes to comparison let us first start with packaging. When you will have both brand new packages, you will notice the difference. XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S The appearance of each box may be similar, but the packaging styles are different. H1S comes with old style flip design box packaging and it provides handle. XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S Whereas H1 comes with square shape pull out box packaging. If we consider, the H1S is easy to carry and have stylish packaging.

XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S Now let us compare the accessories. Let’s start with the remote controller. XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S The major difference in remote controller is that micro USB power charging port. H1 comes with micro USB power charging port remote controller, while H1S is missing it. XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S H1S remote controller comes with black color plastic body and it works with 2 numbers of AAA batteries. XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S Whereas H1 comes with silver colour metal body remote controller with rechargeable lithium ion battery. XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S The physical appearance of H1S remote controller is curved on the back and H1 remote controller is flat.

There is no differences on any other accessories of both the projectors.

Projector appearance

XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S In terms of appearance both the projectors are quite similar. Both projectors are of same size and build quality are also same. Both the projectors are of 194 X 194 X 110 mm dimension. XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S When it comes to connecting ports both have same types of ports and with same arrangements. XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S Both have 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, 2 HDMI ports, 1 3.5mm audio jack, 1 SPDIF port and 1 Ethernet cable port.

XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S When we compare top of the projector, both of them quite similar navigation buttons. These navigation buttons are mainly to control projection and music. XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S But there is a slight change in music play button in H1S as it comes heart shape button. XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S Whereas in H1 you can see the Bluetooth button.


XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S Both H1 and H1S are featured with in-built speakers. You can see the logo on both projectors that, they have Harmon Kardon sound system. The speaker are designed on 45 mm architecture. XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S You can distinguish the difference just by logo. But when you will feel the sound you will see the difference. H1S has upgraded or optimized sound quality. You can feel better vocal quality sound on H1S. The sound quality on H1S is more clean and powerful. In both the projector low frequency sound is quite smooth. Enjoy comfortable feeling while listening music with both the projectors.

You will feel upgraded sound quality on H1S. You can enjoy high quality sound without opening the lens of H1S.

XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S On the front of the projector of H1S, you will get HD camera at the right side of the lens. This camera is there to help the lens to have auto focus on projection. With the distance of projector from the screen and using stepper motor, the H1S projector set auto focus. The process may take a bit time to auto focus, but it won’t take more than 10 seconds. The biggest advantage of H1S projector is that, you can move it to any place and make it turn on. You won’t need to set focus manually like H1. Those who are travelling a lot, H1S is perfect for them.

XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S Both the projector have lens slider and power turn on/off switch. The lens slider is beneficial for lens protection. In terms of lens, XGIMI H1 has high transmission coating lens, whereas H1S has high transmission coating dual lens.

XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S With the passing of time generally the lens of the projectors get scratched due to dust. It may lead to reduce image quality and blurred images. XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S In XGIMI H1S, due to the high transmission glass lens there is less chance of scratches. Where XGIMI H1 misses this feature. XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S

Projection Screen

XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S To have a good image quality brightness and resolution are two key factors for a projector. In XGIMI H1 the luminous efficiency is 900 ANSI lumens with the native resolution of 1080p. Whereas there is little improvement on H1S. XGIMI H1S comes with 1100 ANSI lumens of luminous efficiency with the native resolution of 1080p. Both projector supports 4K decoding.

XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S Comparing the picture quality of both the projector’s projection, H1S has slight edge over H1. It is obvious as H1S has higher lumens and higher contrast ratio. H1S has 2000:1 contrast ratio and H1 has 1000:1 contrast ratio. When you compare both projector’s picture quality, H1S has brighter and sharper picture than H1. In case of colour production, H1S produces very vivid and natural colour than H1 projector.

XGIMI H1 Vs. XGIMI H1S Considering contrast ratio, you will get very sharp and detailed picture on XGIMI H1S than XGIMI H1. When both the projectors were kept same distance from the wall, I found bigger screen size in XGIMI H1S was bigger than XGIMI H1. This is because H1S has projection ratio 1.39:1 and H1 has projection ratio 1.2:1. If you have small size room, then I recommend you to purchase H1S to have bigger screen size.

There is a difference in keystone correction degree between H1S and H1 projector. In H1S we can shift images vertically and horizontally by 45 degrees. Whereas in H1 projector we can shift the picture only horizontally by 35 degrees.


Comparing both the projector, I found that in terms of build quality and design both the projectors are quite similar. But if you are using the projector in daily basis where sound quality doesn’t matter, then H1S doesn’t have advantages over H1.  You will get better remote control experience and navigation key experience on H1.

If you consider for high picture quality and high sound quality then you can go for H1S. But if you are not travelling a lot and have been using projector on a fixed room, then I suggest to save $300 and go for XGIMI H1 projector.

You can choose H1S for long durable as it comes with lens protector. But in regular basis, it is a wise decision to go for XGIMI H1 projector.