XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching Companion


Behind the success of any nation there lies the contribution of mostly its native people! How can we say that a country is developed or developing? Well, it depends on many factors! Such as the percentage of literacy among the people, poverty, the rate of employment, and rate of adaptation of new technology with time. This post is based on my XGIMI Z5 Projector Review so keep reading…XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching CompanionTalking about using the latest technology in every field is a must for a country for its good economic growth and stability. For e.g., if we discuss the field of teaching in the current scenario then many of you might be aware of the latest trends.

Currently, teachers and experts are adopting the modern methodologies with time! It can not only enhance their teaching skills but also make it easy for their students to learn faster. Projects are much of help for them.

What’s the Issue?

For a tech-savvy, it is not a hard thing to understand and adopt new technology in daily routine either while working or in homes. The main issue is with older people especially those who already cross the age of 50 or so. You might notice your grandparents do not like to use smartphones or any smart appliances in homes.

Generally, it takes time for them to understand anything that is based on latest technology from scratch and used to it. However, due to benefits and profits in adopting new technology in teaching enhances everyone’s interest in the same.XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching Companion However, with support and proper guidance from our generation they can sure be able to understand everything well. It is only because they are not used to computers, gadgets, smart appliances. Even I based robots on homes or advanced electronic gadgets that work on software.

My Experience

So in this post, I am going to talk about a similar case that I experienced recently. One of my uncle who is now crossing the age of 55 is a professor in a high school. He uses to teach the science subject to his students.

Let me inform you some of the main highlights of his personality. First of all, he is very intelligent, at the same time he is strict as a tutor. Even I was scared of him whenever he taught me anything or clearing doubts regarding any science topics in my school days.

Even today I regular go to meet him at his home on Sundays. He is taking weekend tuition classes as well of weak students in his home itself. Many times I am also a part of his classes. I experienced one thing! New generations are smarter and confident and get more interested towards multimedia.XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching CompanionLike what makes social media so interesting among youths and others is no other but the multimedia that people are sharing with each other. So I found many of his students were not so happy with his teaching methodology.

I am sure,

His students can get good marks but are they enjoying studying with him or taking it as a punishment! Well, it is a fact that was a big issue for few years and even now. As per experts, using new technologies in teaching can increase the interest of students while studying.

I do believe the same,

I am already familiar with many today’s teaching methodologies. For instance, using an online communication platform like Skype etc. To do live chats and video calls for remote tutoring. Also, people are using computers, projectors, high-end speakers in their classrooms. Using the full power of multimedia to teach their children faster and without any hassle.

XGIMI Z5 projector as a Solution

So I decided to get my uncle aware about the same. It is the time about 4 months before, one fine morning I reached my uncle’s house while he is having his breakfast. I take about half an hour and demonstrated him how he can use new technologies in his teaching methods. It will not only make the things easier for him but also for his students as well.XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching CompanionI didn’t expect but he is actually interested in the same. I don’t need to work hard to convince him for the same. Amazing! But he is totally new in it. I helped him to buy a nice laptop, a projector, and a speaker system. Finally developed his classroom into an entertainment study room.

Finally, I decided to help him in renovating his class for him and his students. It’s easy for me to buy a laptop and some speakers since we are generally familiar with the same. However, the biggest hurdle in front of us is to select a nice projector that can be used for a classroom.

I then spent some 2-3 days while searching online and discussing with shopkeepers and experts. I am in search of which model will work best for my uncle as per his teaching needs. Finally, after a week we concluded and decided to buy XGIMI Z5 Projector.


My uncle is happy with using Z5 and even thankful to me for my help! He can now be able to perform many things by just deploying an XGIMI Z5 projector in his classroom;XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching Companion

  1. He can connect his projector to a laptop or phone. Easily connect it to the internet and show the audio-visual study resources from the internet.
  2. It is very easy for him now to demonstrate the science experiments using visuals and slideshows.
  3. Graphics, Drawings, Charts, Tables, etc. can be easily shown to the whole class without the need to draw everything, which is time taking.
  4. Can show videos, DVDs or any other text material on the projector. Good sound speakers can be used to make the study session completely interactive for the whole class.
  5. Very easy to demonstrate a science practical as well as explain a detailed procedure stepwise to his students.

XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching Companion

My Viewpoint

I’ve personally experienced using the XGIMI Z5 Projector from the last few months and also I have taken a feedback from my uncle about the same. Now I am going to give a detailed review about the same for especially teachers or other teaching experts. It will definitely help people those who are in search of a nice projector to be deployed in their classrooms!XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching Companion Before my review about Z5 projector, I want the readers to know about the specifications and features of the Z5 projector technically. It might be of much help for them to know about the product in detail.

So, the Z5 projector has many similarities to other models like Z4 and H1 from the same company. Let us have an outlook on the major factors that I personally looked for to finalize XGIMI Z5 projector as my final choice to buy for my uncle;

Hardware and Design:

It is a nice looking projector, well designed. A good option at the back of the body for heat dissipation. The body is made up of metal. I found very low noise producing by the dual fans present inside the unit. So you’ll not get disturbed while projecting anything from it even without any sound.XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching CompanionXGIMI Z5 Projector is based on electric structure. The lens automatically opens and shutoff once the camera has been turned on. It helps much in keeping the lens clean and safer from outside dust and dirt.

The hardware-user interface is very attractive. To adjust the volume, you need to slide your finger on a fuselage sliding touchpad. There is a light strip with total 31 LEDs that work as a nice companion at nights or accessing it in the dark. With power on, the translucent plastic plate starts flashing red light.

XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching Companion


You can connect nearly all the input multimedia sources with the Z5 projector. It has a 3.5 headphone jack, a USB 2.0 port, two HDMI ports, a USB 3.0 port, and a SPDIF fibre port . It has a wired interface to connect with internet. Z5 also supports 2.5/5 GHz WiFi.XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching CompanionDisplay:

Z5 is compatible with Full HD, 2k and 4K resolutions with a standard resolution of WXGA (i.e. 1280×800). The project uses a DMD RGB-LED of 0.45 inch. It produces the nominal brightness of 1000 ANSI lumens. It supports projection ratio of 1.2:1 giving a complete home theatre like experience. The correction angle of Z5 is up to 45° for quick adjust.

XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching Companion


You can use Z5 as a Bluetooth speaker due to its impressive sound quality. You need to long press the play button on the Z5 that will turn the projector into a standalone Bluetooth speaker. It possesses 2.o channel output with two 40mm speakers of 5W. The sound is fair enough for a general size classroom.

Hence, having all such things in a projector works as a complete package that fulfils all the needs of my uncle for his teaching. I can clearly see the big difference between the interest of students when I saw them months before and now! Even my uncle stated that his students are doing well in their exams than before. So it is definitely a successful thing to adopt for all types of teaching needs.XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching CompanionFinally,

It’s time for me to give my own XGIMI Z5 Projector Review as per what I experienced both in terms of facilities and convenience of its use. I am going to make it in simple and summarized way to make it easy for you to understand the product.


  • You can project a big display of up to 100-inch screen
  • Z5 supports motion compensation for high-speed movies
  • Z5 is using Snapdragon 835 chip which is the strongest among Smart TVs
  • You can enjoy two projections at one time via split screen mode

XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching Companion


  • The projection of Z5 can be affected by the ambient light or leveling of the wall.
  • It is not suitable to use at N-placement

How did I decide to Buy XGIMI Z5 Projector?

I also want to share with you what you should look for while buying any projector. In my case Z5 fits best in all the following criteria’s;

  1. If you want to buy a projector without any specific intention of its use then first you need to plan about how will you use the product and for what purposes.
  2. Analyze the space in your home, hall, conference hall, classroom, etc. ! It can help you in deciding the right projection distance and all related factors.
  3. Go through the specifications for all your selected projectors and compare them based on what you prefer the most.
  4. Next comes your budget, you need to decide it before selecting a project. After all, there are many models of projectors available in the market. Many are having same specs but are having a big difference in their market price due to many factors like brand, quality, the technology used, etc.
  5. You can also finalize a projector based on its input and output connectivity functions. Many people use to have different gadgets that they are using daily. Nothing is more convenient other than attaching any gadget or so with the projector. It can enhance its usability at the same time convenience.

XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching CompanionFinal Words

By concluding this article, I want to request all the people those who are in the profession of teaching to try to learn and adopt new technologies. Like the way, my uncle has adapted using an XGIMI Z5 projector other than having a blackboard in the classroom. You will benefit, and I am sure you’ll see good improvement in:

  • Engaging your classroom children using interactive presentations.
  • It makes easy and efficient for the students to gather the notes.
  • You can have many options or mediums that you can use in your teaching.
  • Save much time of yours as well as your students in completing their syllabus.
  • Teach your students using games, showing visuals, animations and many more.

After realizing such, today most of the professional institutions and schools are also upgrading. They are deploying new equipment and technologies in their classrooms. What we usually called it as “Smart Classrooms.” By the way, Smart children need Smart Classes to make a Smart Nation!!!

XGIMI Z5 Projector Review: A Perfect Teaching Companion
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