XGIMI Z6 Review- For getting those punchy colors in place


XGIMI Z6 Projector Full Review

I hate to say this, but I don’t believe in hefty projectors that you have to carry all day long with you in your backpack. Well, they can give you nothing but a sweet backache, which I’m sure of. Speaking of projectors, XGIMI, the brand that claims themselves as ‘the largest smart projector producer in China’ recently launched their XGIMI Z6 Projector.

The Chinese brand, XGIMI ( more so pronounced as ‘x gee-me) or 极米 as known by this name in China is amongst dozen similar companies planned to bring their products to the world.

Though, I can’t confirm their claim as the ‘biggest smart projector producer,’ but I can say that this Projector is a piece of tech.

XGIMI recently ran an Indiegogo campaign or more so a China Pilot Program, trying to woo the audience around the globe to purchase their Projectors. More on this later.

Let us first dig out every bits and piece that we happened to find during our test results with the new XGIMI Z6 Projector by x gee-me. Yeah! I know what’s on your mind.

I’m here to write a couple of words that might persuade you into giving away your cash to this Chinese brand for their projector, well truth be told, I’m just trying my bit to share my honest review. So, here is the XGIMI Z6 Projector Review by My First Projector.

The Z6 is quite a masterpiece.

XGIMI Z6 Home Projector Review

XGIMI Z6 Review- For getting those punchy colors in place Home entertainment devices happen to be a great way to entertain oneself. Home Theaters, Media Players and another device which needs a screen are dependent for the quality upon the display they are using. The display comes in a variety of sizes, and as the size increase, the cost of it also increases.

If you still need a larger display that too at a low cost then the projector is the best way to go through. Today we will be reviewing the XGIMI Z6 Home Projector which is known to be one of the best in its price range.

XGIMI Z6 Home Projector happens to be a great as it comes with 3D technology which the next technology is becoming famous in the home entertainment world. With the income of more and more 3D movies in the market, it is quite obvious for people to fall for the same. Let us start reviewing the XGIMI Z6 Home Projector against the common factors in the device which generally consumers fall for before paying off the Cheques.


The projector comes with traditional yet modern design elements which make the device a nice fit in your interior. XGIMI Z6 Review- For getting those punchy colors in place The device comes with a Mac Mini Style of the enclosure where at the front it has a flushed transparent opening for the projector lens which is embedded inside the body hence the original lens is not gonna get any scratches. On the right side, we have small grills for air flow. On the top, there are no switches as mostly is controlled via a bundled remote control.

XGIMI Z6 Review- For getting those punchy colors in place At the back of the device, there are standard input options which include an HDMI port and a USB port. There are also some air vents for better airflow and keeping the things inside cold and safe working.

Connectivity options

XGIMI Z6 Review- For getting those punchy colors in place As a typical product emerging out of China, it does not have much of the connectivity options, and it just includes a single USB port for connecting it via a USB stick for playing any media files directly via the projector. There is also an HDMI port with which you can watch contents from most of your devices such as Set Top Box, DVD Players, Gaming Consoles, Cameras and other devices.

Another important thing about the XGIMI Z6 Home Projector is that it is an Android Smart Projector TV which means there is an Android System working inside the Projector which will be projected onto the screen once it turns on. This enables other connectivity option for the projector.

The projector also has MirrorLink and Bluetooth support for displaying your other devices via the projector wirelessly. You can also stream media via different applications directly from your home wifi network which makes watching media on the Projector a charm.

Projection Quality

XGIMI Z6 Review- For getting those punchy colors in place

The Projector comes with a 500 – 700 Lumens light bulb which is technically low as compared to other projectors in the price range, still, it has enough power to light a dark room for viewing media with your family. XGIMI Z6 Review- For getting those punchy colors in place Contrast levels on the device are 3001-5000:1 which is good enough while watching YouTube content at home. The standard resolution which the projector supports is 1920 x 1080 which FHD is.

XGIMI Z6 Review- For getting those punchy colors in place The device comes with a LED Light source which makes it bright enough still being at 500 – 700 lumens making it power efficient. XGIMI Z6 Review- For getting those punchy colors in place One of the downsides of the XGIMI Z6 Home Projector is that it will only be able to project 16:9 ratio of screen size and there is no option to change the default projection to 4:3.

XGIMI Z6 Review- For getting those punchy colors in place Processor & Performance

The device comes with a Mstar 6A838 Cortex-A53 4-core processor which is clocked at 1.7GHz as it is quite obvious that we are not going to do any gaming on the Android Projector and the processor will solely be used for rendering the videos which are streaming from the internet. Hence it turns out to be efficient. It is the 2GB onboard memory which makes the device run fluently and without any issue. Apart from the RAM, There is also an 8GB Internal Storage available where you can store any media which you might watch daily for easy access although you can connect the device via WIFI where you can stream directly from your NAS. As the Mstar chip is used to run the Android System, there is another chipset which will be handling the display part of the projector which is the 0.33” DMD RGB-LED.

In Box Contents

XGIMI Z6 Review- For getting those punchy colors in place Coming to the in the box containing the device comes with the pretty much the standard things which are required with a projector which includes the projector itself, an HDMI Cable, a power adapter and remote control to operate the device.


The Android Projector is powered by a Mstar quad-core processor clocked at 1.7GHz; it also comes with 2GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage. Apart from all this, the device has support for both 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi band which makes it easy for the device to stream media from a high-bandwidth Wi-Fi. The device also includes a Harmon Kardon speaker system which is another perk of the device. The speaker system on the device is a great unit which can produce relatively great sound as compared to other speaker system included on to a Projector unit.

XGIMI Z6 Review- For getting those punchy colors in place PROS and CONS


Mstar 6A838 Cortex-A53 4-core processor and 2GB onboard memory prevent this beast from any hiccups.

The best WiFi chipset is installed in XGIMI Z6

One of the best projectors in the market

1920 x 1080 FHD resolution

Scratch-less Lens

Great sound output with the Harman/Kardon customisable subwoofer.


High cost per unit

Some minor issues while setting it up for the first time.



The device is pretty straightforward and easy to use with its Android UI. The UI is quite interactive which you can use with ease, and it will do guide you through the full process of setting up the device. Still, if you get any issue with the setup, there is a product manual included which will also help you. Check out more XGIMI projectors.

The device gets a best in class projection in the form of an Android Projector. There is less number of android projectors available in the market. If you are looking for an Android Projector for the continence of streaming media directly then, this is one of the best investment for your home theater system.

XGIMI Z6 Review- For getting those punchy colors in place
8.4Overall Score
Ease of use8.7
Cost Effectiveness7.4
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