Xiaomi Mi 7 – Rumored Fingerprint Sensor Under The Screen


In the last 8-10 years, the smartphone industry has never ceased to amaze us with constantly transforming standards being set – with phones getting slimmer, screens getting bigger and batteries lasting longer. The latest trend in the market seems to be the bezel-less smartphones. However, as beautiful and enchanting as an all-screen smartphone might look, there are a few problems to be solved by developers because of it.

Apple has always embedded its fingerprint scanners in the home button, but with an all-screen smartphone, iPhone X, it had to subtract the fingerprint scanner from the design – switching to face ID instead. This year, Xiaomi has decided to follow the glorious route of all-screen smartphones with its latest Mi 7 to be released. However, it seems that they’ve still somehow managed to keep their fingerprint scanner in the front of the Mi 7. It may sound impossible, but it has been made possible. The fingerprint scanner is rumored to be embedded under the screen! Although this has not been confirmed, but leaks on several major websites reveal this concept to be realized in the Mi 7 Plus by Xiaomi.

The Mi 7 has proved to be one of the most anticipated Chinese smartphones of 2018, with a technology which would be the first of its kind – a fingerprint scanner under the screen. Its performance is expected to be beastly, with expectations based on the much loved predecessor from Xiaomi. It reveals single core and multi core benchmark scores of 2449 and 8309 respectively, which are extremely impressive when seen next to its expected price point. These scores are only slightly below MIX 2, which is another smartphone by Xiaomi with brilliant performance.

Xiaomi Mi 7 – Rumored Fingerprint Sensor Under The Screen

Xiaomi Mi 7 – Rumored Fingerprint Sensor Under The Screen

These leaks and rumors of such a unique feature to be displayed in the Mi 7 Plus have intensified the anticipation of their latest release by fans. Let’s hope the smartphone lives up to these expectations!

Source: weibo

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