Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition Review- Affordable Smart Fitness


Mi Band HRX Edition-Product Appearance:

When it comes to the appearance of a product, Xiaomi never disappoints you. The Mi Band HRX has a world class design. The design & build quality of Xiaomi products are very luxurious. Mi Band HRX is the special edition which is released in India with partnership of HRX which is owned by Hrithik Roshan. Looks a lot like Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition Review- Affordable Smart Fitness

Features :

  • Display : 0.42 inch OLED

  • Weight : 7.0g

  • Battery capacity : 70mah

  • Material : Thermoplastic elastomer

  • Bluetooth : v4.0

  • water resistance : IP 67

  • Compatability : Android 4.4+ with Bluetooth v4.2

  • Box contents : Band, Band sensor, charging cable, user guide

I started using it past 8 days. It is very convenient to wear. Thanks Xiaomi to its thermoplastic elastomer material used in preparing band. By using TPE in band, it is very comfortable when using in various tempature conditions. In HRX edition heart rate sensor is excluded to make it more comfortable to wear. If heart rate sensor is included it is to be wear tightly for monitoring heart beat. I found the results accurate when walking and sleeping by testing it with Mj fitness app. It is free app which is used to connect with Mi band. It has lot of functionalities in behaviour tagging option in mi fitness app. Sleep analysis & steps count are accurate as Mi band HRX used the improved algorithm. The Mi fitness app also allows to send various notifications like message alerts and call alerts. It gives us various suggestions based on our activities to improve our performance.

Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition Review- Affordable Smart Fitness

The mi HRX band consists of pedometer & calorimeter with an improved algorithm to filter unnecessary movements. It has greater thermal stability & corrosion resistant. It is prepared to bare any kind of weather conditions. It is dust, water & splash resistant. The pedometer sensor is actually used to count each step by detecting the motion of persons hand or hips. But the distance of each person varies. So the improved algorithm in Mi band HRX used to detect the accurate result. The calorimeter sensor is used to calculate the calories burnt during walk or in any other exercises. For fitness freaks the fitness bands are very useful to monitor day to day results and the analysis given by Mi fitness band is more helpful to get fit in a healthy way.

Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition Review- Affordable Smart Fitness

Advantage : It is very comfortable to wear during workouts & at night for sleep analysis. It is the best fitness band which is available at lower price range.

Disadvantage : The display of mi band is less in size. In direct sunlight the display struggles in producing contrast for visibility.

Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition Review- Affordable Smart Fitness

All in all, it is a value for money product. It is the best smart band at that price range with all the smart features you want.

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