Xiaomi to Purchase Mediatek P60/P70 For Their New Device


After the failure of X20 & X30 to achieve the expected promising results, MediaTek ’s revenue suffered a considerable blow. The first entry in February 2018 was a new record low in the last three years.

Xiaomi to Purchase Mediatek P60/P70 For Their New Device

However, with the launch of Helio P60, MediaTek has found some signs of recovery from its recent fall to demise.

P60 got its start on OPPO R15 and it will start selling on April 1. OPPO’s mobile phone shipments stand at the second place in the country, with the 1st being Huawei. The R series is one of the leading players – this is definitely a strong signal for MediaTek.

Judging from the actual experience, the P60 adopts the latest 12nm processor from TSMC, and the use of the A73 large core and G72 GPU ensures powerful performance. Coupled with the in-depth optimization of Tencent’s games, it ensures the king’s glorious high frame rate and stable performance. It also means that Qualcomm will suffer a considerable decrease in its order demand, as these producers will be switching to processors from TSMC. Prior to this, Qualcomm had been almost a monopoly in the market of mobile processors.

Xiaomi to Purchase Mediatek P60/P70 For Their New Device

Not only that, the supply chain further confirmed that Vivo and Xiaomi’s Helio P60 will be launched in the second quarter of the year. It is worth mentioning that P60 will also be purchased by Meizu soon.

Xiaomi will also adopt another 12nm chip, which could possibly be Helio P70 of MediaTek, in the second half of the year. The amount of orders is expected to be heavy, led by Zhu Shangzu, who is former chief operating officer of MediaTek, and now a partner of Xiaomi Industry Capital Investment.

As a result, the industry expects that MediaTek’s Q2 revenue will have the opportunity to exceed above its previous record of the last 6 seasons!

Source: KKJ

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