YG 400 LCD 1200 lumens Mini projector review


Are you looking for a home theater at your home? Well, don’t you have enough budget to meet your wanting? There are several mini LED projectors are available in the market to make your needs fulfilled. In this competitive market, you have to choose the right product in your budget. The projector should meet your all needs. For the home entertainment purpose, I have chosen a new low budget projector YG 400. Here I have used the projector and have reviewed it with my experience. Read the in-depth review with pros and cons in the below article. You can check whether this mini projector is good for you or not.

Physical overview

YG 400 LCD 1200 lumens Mini projector review First of all the mini projector is not so heavy. It weighs just 1.03 kg. This makes the projector to take it to any place. The YG 400 mini projector is also very handy. If you see the dimensions of the projector is 7.68 x 5.79 x2.76 inches. So while traveling you can take this projector with you. Great thing is that the projector comes with remote control on such a low budget.

Coming to the looks, the mini projector is available in 2 colors black and white. Here I have reviewed the white color one. YG 400 LCD 1200 lumens Mini projector review When you open the brand new box and see the projector, you can find a big eye lamp on the left side of the front. Sadly there is no brand name on the projector body. The lens of the projector is well protected by a cover. The lens is with rotating option to set projector’s focus on the screen.

YG 400 LCD 1200 lumens Mini projector review On the top of the mini projector, you will see the projector on/off button along with some navigation keys. The navigation keys are used to control the projector.

YG 400 LCD 1200 lumens Mini projector review On the back of the projector, you can get a VGA port, where you can connect your old PCs or Laptops. Just aside the VGA port, you will have the IR receiver for the remote control. And on the right side of the back, you can see power input port.

YG 400 LCD 1200 lumens Mini projector review When you rotate the mini projector, you will have 2 USB ports, one HDMI ports, one 3.5 mm audio jack and one AV port. When you see right side USB port, you can find it has 5V output, where you can easily charge your smartphones or tablets. On the right side, you can see the grid structure, where heat dissipation happens.


What more to expect on such a low budget projector. Surprisingly, this new mini projector comes with a lamp life of 30,000 hours. Here you don’t need to change the lamp for 10 years at least. The native resolution of YG 400 mini projector is 480 x 800 pixels. So it is not an HD projector. But it can project images of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Sadly, the mini projector has 1200 lumens. Which is a bit low to project high brightness picture. The projector has a contrast ratio of 1000:1. This projector has the capability to project 50-130 inches image. The throw ratio of the projector is 1.4: 1. You can get good images with the range of 1.5 – 4 meters distance from the screen.

The projector has an internal speaker. But it is not so loud. And we should not expect it too. On this low budget, no other companies provide internal speakers. For the better audio output, you need to connect external speakers with it.


You can place YG 400 mini projector on a table. The installation of the projector is very easy. You just need to give power supply and input your device to the projector and start enjoying home entertainment. As previously I said, you need to connect 2.1 channel audio output to get the better sound effect.

YG 400 LCD 1200 lumens Mini projector review Now looking at the picture quality, I have kept the projector in a dark room and having 130 inches projection on the screen. I have kept this projector roughly 3 meters away from the wall. And it is very much appreciated to have a very clean image. When I zoomed the image still I can see the pixels clarity. This is really a good thing. YG 400 LCD 1200 lumens Mini projector review But after zooming further, you will get blurred or net type images. It is just because of its native resolution is 480p. So you can’t get the good experience on texts projection. So sadly the projector is not good enough to project PPT or any Excel sheets. But in terms of pictures and images, it will give you good performance.

YG 400 LCD 1200 lumens Mini projector review Here, you have the option to change color temperature and set your playlist, if the files have proper names. As all Chinese projector manufacturers are concentrating on the color scheme, this mini projector is not behind them. But I found the heat exhaustion fan is bit noisy. If you will work with the internal speaker, then you can notice it.

You can have microSD card reader, where you can plug in your card and enjoy the contents.  The color reproduction of the mini projector is quite good, but the images are not that bright as it has only 1200 lumens. At daytime, the performance of the projector is not that good as lighting concern. But there are no issues in viewing angle of the images.

Pros and Cons

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  • The mini projector has very high lamp life.
  • It is compact in size and very handy. The mini projector is portable.
  • You can enjoy bigger screen size with this low budget.
  • You can get better picture quality from the short distance.
  • There is a charging facility for your smartphone and tablets with it.


  • The mini projector can’t produce bright pictures due to low lumens..
  • The fan creates noise, which bit irritating.
  • The projector is not good for official use.
  • It is not an HD projector.

Get it now


The YG 400 mini projector is a complete package in terms of home entertainment. You can have higher lamp life. You can enjoy the projector with in-built speakers. But the projector is not idle for official use due to its native resolution. Don’t expect brighter images with it. But the projector is available under $80. And it is giving a lot in this budget. So it is up to you now.

I hope you get the best information regarding this mini projector. Give your suggestion in the comment box and visit our website regularly to get the latest information on projectors.

YG 400 LCD 1200 lumens Mini projector review
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