We build this site to help foreigners travel and live better in China. Living in a foreign country has always been tough, especially a country with totally different culture. China is a special country with  typical asian culture.

I know you might have read thousands of articles about China. But to be honest, most of them are not the real amazing China. China is more than interesting.
In this site, we always provide interesting stuff. Even the boring history, we talk about the interesting history stories.
We provide information that really helps you live in China. For example,

1.  How to use Alipay?
2.  How to cook Chinese dishes?
3.  What is “Ants Climb on Trees”?
4.  Why men twisted hair into a braid in Ancient China?
5.  Why people take part in parties every night on streets?
6.  Which products is most worth to buy on Double 11 Day?
7.  Is there any parties or concert around?
8.  How to buy bullet train tickets?

Our mission is to provide  helpful information to You.

We are looking for well-writen guides, such as China ViSA guides, by experienced Chinese style foreign experts (Haha), pls contact us ([email protected])!

Thank you!

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